5 Free Websites To Check Strength Of Your Passwords

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I have come up with a list of 5 free websites that you can use to check strength of password online and for free. While setting a password for our email accounts, Facebook accounts, or any other account for that matter, we try to ensure that the passwords we set are strong and unique. Such websites hold all our personal information and we try to make it as secure as possible. But, sometimes we also live in a false belief that our passwords are strong enough to sustain, when they are actually not. These below websites help you in finding out how strong your passwords really are. They tell you how much time a normal PC will take to crack your password.

The 5 free websites to check your password strength that I have reviewed here are HowSecureIsMyPassword, Kaspersky secure password check, The Password Meter, Test Your Password, and Secure Passwords.



My first choice to check your password strength is HowSecureIsMyPassword. It is a very simple to use website. On the home page, you have to type any of your password and the website will tell you how much time will it take a PC to crack your password. The more number of years a PC will take to crack your password, the more secure your password is. While testing different passwords, you will realize how much importance does symbols and numbers hold in a strong password.

Read the full review here.

Try HowSecureIsMyPassword here.

Kaspersky Secure Password Check:

Kaspersky secure Password Check

Second website to check your password strength is Kaspersky Secure Password Check. This is an official website by kaspersky that lets you test your password strength without storing any record. You can simply type your password and check how strong it is. The website lets you know how much time a PC, supercomputer, and a Mac Book Pro will take to crack the password. If your password is too short, or if there are any keyboard sequences in your password, the website lets it known to you. To make this exercise interesting, the website provides you some entertaining facts.

Try Kaspersky Secure Password Check here.

The Password Meter:

The Password Meter

Third website to check your password strength is The Password Meter. The website tells you whether your password is weak or strong and rates your password on a scale of 100 ( in percentage). The website also provides you a list of minimum requirements your password must have. If your password has a minimum number of symbols, numbers, uppercase & lower case letters, then it becomes more difficult for a PC to break it. There is a list of all these requirements, on the home page of the website, and you get bonus marks for including them in your password.

Try The Password Meter here.

Test Your Password:

Test Your Password

Test Your Password is fourth in this list to check your password strength. This websites performs two functions. Other than allowing you to test the password, the website also lets you create a new strong password. On the home page of the website, you have to enter your password in the provided space and then the websites will rate your password as weak, medium, strong, and best.

Try Test Your Password here.

Secure Passwords:

Secure Passwords-check your password strength-home page

Fifth and final website to check your password strength is Secure Passwords. This is a very simple and straightforward website. You just have to enter your password, and the website will give you a rating depending on how strong your password is. There are 5 different ratings and you get one out of them for your password. They are:

  • Very weak
  • Weak
  • Moderate
  • Strong
  • Very strong

Try Secure Passwords here.

All these 5 websites let you check your password strength easily and efficiently. While testing your passwords on these websites, you will find out that adding symbols and numbers increases your password strength exponentially.

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