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Gather Proxy is a free proxy software that has an inbuilt proxy checker and proxy scraper. It can export the proxy list to a text file on the local hard disk. You can also right-click on a proxy to set or clear the proxy for the browser installed in the system. Gather Proxy has links to Proxies sorted by Country, Anonymous Proxies, Socks 5 Proxy List, Web-based Proxies and also lets you check your IP Address and location for it.

We all might have used proxy servers before or maybe you’re reading this review through a proxy server. A proxy server is a good option when you want to keep your identity anonymous while browsing through the internet with oodles of unsecured and illegitimate websites.

Free Proxy Software For Windows - Gather Proxy - Interface

Gather Proxy brings you the most updated list of proxies from which you can choose one and apply it to your browser to redirect the web traffic through the proxy instead of directly hitting the website.

Features of Gather Proxy

Gather’s Proxy

Free Proxy Software For Windows - Gather Proxy - Gather Proxy

It does what it is supposed to do and does it pretty well. It can gather an enormous list of proxies for you from its server. You would be able to see the IP Address and the port at which the proxy server works.

Proxy Checker

Free Proxy Software For Windows - Gather Proxy - Proxy Checker

The Proxy Checker feature is really useful as it checks the proxy servers for you. You wouldn’t have to waste time while applying it in your browser and trying to open up a webpage. All this task can be automated with this proxy check within this proxy software. It gets you the anonymity level, Country, response time for the proxy server, last updated time, whether it supports SSL or not and Uptime for the proxy server. With the URL Passed (Google’s URL) feature, this proxy software will also try to access a specific URL through a proxy server.

You can also use Proxy Checker to work with an imported list of proxy servers and validate them.

Export Proxy list

Gather Proxy can also export the proxy list to a text file in the local hard disk. You can apply filters to the proxy list to export selected proxies and not all of the proxies detected by this proxy software.

Blacklist Check

Free Proxy Software For Windows - Gather Proxy - Blacklist Check

You can use the Blacklist check within this proxy software to check if any of these proxy servers in the list is blacklisted. You can use the default server that maintains a database of banned proxies servers and IP Addresses or you can add more to the list of server that holds the database for blacklisted IP Addresses.

You can also access the shortcut links to get Socks 5 Proxy List, Anonymous Proxies, Web-based Proxies, Proxies sorted by Country and even check your IP Address.

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Gather Proxy is an excellent proxy software that not only gets you a massive list of proxy servers but also lets you check them, filter out blacklisted proxies and export them to a text file. Now you won’t require a separate proxy checker as this proxy software can also check an imported proxy list and work on them. This proxy software also lets you export and apply filters to let you funnel down only what’s required. I have tried Gather Proxy on Windows 7 and it works well. If you’re looking for a proxy list or a good proxy software, then this could be your definite pick.

Get Gather Proxy – Free Proxy Software here

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