Free tool to suggest posts for Facebook Pages to increase Engagement

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Arrow is a free Chrome Extension that suggests posts for Facebook Pages. It is based on AI. It also functions with Instagram.

Arrow recommends free content for your Facebook page according to AI. You get ready-made posts for your Facebook page. You just need to sign up for the tool using your Facebook account. Arrow has millions of posts that you can use for free. The Arrow can also work with your Instagram profile. Let’s see how this tool works.

How to use Arrow

First, add Arrow to your Chrome browser.

When you have installed Arrow to Chrome successfully, you will have to sign up using your Facebook account. After signing up, you can access the features of Arrow using the extension buttons or the ‘A’ buttons present on the Facebook page. When you click on the ‘A’ buttons, you will see a menu like this:

arrow window

You will see the name of your page on the top of that window. After the title of the page, there are two buttons, “Add Channel” and “Arrow” respectively. Add Channel button is used to add a new Facebook page for which you want to use Arrow. And Arrow button shows you posts and other features. Under these buttons, you can see the posts which Arrow has found for you. You can scroll up and down to see all of them.

arrow features

Other features of the tool include Searching content and boosting post reach. You can search relevant content for your page using keywords. And you can also boost your post for it to reach more people and let your page be known to a larger number of people. But this feature is paid. You need to pay money to use it.

Arrow calculates the fee according to the targets you’ve selected. It charges you according to the number of people and days for which it will show your post. Boosting your post can increase reach and engagement. Paying for it is the user’s own decision. Arrow is also compatible with Instagram. You can use the same features for your Instagram as well.

arrow post


Arrow can be a useful app for all those people who want to continuously post content on their Facebook page. Creating and arranging multiple pieces of content and posting them is very tough. But Arrow does it all in one click. I liked Arrow for this. Most of the features are free. And it’s easy to use.

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