Free Search Engine to Find Files across Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Trello

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LetsFind is a Specialized Search Engine that helps you find your personal content across various cloud storage and project management applications. Most data that you create, store and share through such applications, is inaccessible to the public search engines for obvious security and privacy concerns.

In such a scenario you need to login to each app separately and search natively using relevant search strings to find your personal data. This can prove to be quite tedious and cumbersome

LetsFind is a powerful private search engine that connects with your personal data and knowledge sources and comes to your rescue in this case. It seamlessly integrates with Google Drive, Slack, Trello, Zendesk, Shortcut and Dropbox to help you search for content that is most relevant to you.

I tested most of the supported applications that it connects to, and found that it performs very well. Let’s understand the process:

  1. Sign in to LetsFind from the link provided at the end of this article
  2. Connect the Application whose data you wish to search for, by adding its account. You need to provide the credentials / API key of the account.
  3. Start Searching with the specific string.
  4. Click on any item in the search results to open it in its native application

The search results also provide additional details about your search. For example, if the search result is from Google Drive, the ‘Owner’ of the document and ‘Date created’ is given. In Trello, it gives the ‘List’ and ‘Board’ names. In Shortcut, it gives you the ‘Type’ of the data like Story, Epic, Iteration etc.

LetsFind can search for Files and Folders across Google Drive and Dropbox. In the supported Project Management applications and Help Desk tools it can help you to search for mails, messages, tickets, tasks and much more across your Communication Channels and Projects.

Cons and Issues:

  1. There is no connector to a GitHub account which would’ve been extremely helpful for software developers.
  2. There is an unexpected error in connecting with a Slack account. It confirms a successful connection but doesn’t search in Slack.


LetsFind is a wonderful online tool to search for your personal data sources, which could’ve otherwise been impossible using Public Search Engines. It works like a charm with the results giving additional bits of information about the data that has been found. It’ll become an awesome tool if the developers could add a few more connections to GitHub, OneDrive and other popular project management apps like Zoho Projects.

Access it at this link and try it out.

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