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The monotony of everyday life is quite tedious and a little bit of fun never hurt anybody. This is where Jogobox (beta) comes in. It is a program that allows users to play a multitude of free games from one place. The user chooses any game they fancy that is available and then the program downloads the games which the users can play.

Features of this free games program:

  • All-in-one: Jogobox is a platform for users to play a number of free games from. It contains a number of games from which users can choose, whichever they want to play. It is very convenient.
  • Huge choice: Users of Jogobox have a massive amount of choice when it comes to free games. There are small Flash-based games, complete PC games as well as old classics. The number of games is simply mind-boggling, for a beta program.
  • Categories: Games are divided into categories like racing, fighting, arcade, puzzles etc. This allows users to choose from a particular category of games instead of browsing through the large collection with all the jumbled up games.
  • Records: Jogobox maintains records of scores for all the games that are played, so that users can stop and come back later to finish a game.
  • Free: This is the most alluring feature of Jogobox. All games on Jogobox are absolutely free to play, including full-version PC games.

Downloading and Installation

The Jogobox program is quite small; just over 300 kb in size. Once that is downloaded, it connects to the internet and downloads other resources required for the installation. Complete installation time is under 5 minutes. Once the installation is done, the pleasing interface shows a number of games available to play. When the user chooses a game, the program downloads that particular game from its servers for the user to play.

Interface and Working

The interface is quite attractive and would appeal mostly to kids. But those among us who want to get a break can also try this out. The working is where the program falls down. The program, though still in its beta stage, is prone to crashing quite often. Even when tested on quite a reliable system, the program crashed a number of times. This will hopefully be rectified in the release version. Downloading of few games can also pose to be a hindrance to smooth working. Some of the most favored games could have been included as part of the installation package, thus reducing the need to connect to the internet. Once downloaded, the games run quite well. The number of games is quite large and users won’t be found complaining for lack of choice.

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Jogobox is a program that tries to break the mundane nature of everyday life rather than try to make it more organized and simple. This is one of the key points of this program. It has a few small faults which should hopefully be rectified soon enough. The program can be recommended whole-heartedly.

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Works With: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Free/Paid: Free

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