Free Keyboard Testing Software To Check Keyboard Keys

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Keyboard Test Utility is a free keyboard testing software that lets you test keyboard to check whether all the keys are working properly or not.This free keyboard testing software offers you a virtual keyboard. When you press a key on your keyboard, this virtual keyboard shows that key in Yellow. In this manner, you can just press all the keys of your keyboard one after other, and at the end see whether all the keys in virtual keyboard are highlighted in Yellow or not. The keys that are not highlighted in Yello were not detected by your PC, and probably have some problem with them.

Let me tell you, that it is not keylogging software, that records keystrokes. Instead it just checks the functionality of your keyboard.

Keyboard Test Utility-main interface

Keyboard Test Utility is a reliable and handy freeware which helps you quickly test all the keys of your keyboard.

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How To Check Keyboard Using this Keyboard Test Utility?

Keyboard Test Utility is a free keyboard testing software that can be grabbed from the link provided at the end of this article. It is simple and handy keyboard testing freeware that does not require any installation; you can run it by just double clicking the exe file.

A virtual keyboard appears on the desktop screen, as shown in above screenshot. Whenever you type, the keys of the virtual keyboard turn to Yellow color. At the same time, if the keys don’t perform correctly, the color of the virtual keyboard remains unchanged.

Keyboard Test Utility- Codes and Reset

As you press the keys on the keyboard it also displays the Virtual Key Codes and Keyboard Scan Codes, against the space provided next to the VK Code and Scan Code, respectively. You can cross-check and compare these codes online, to check the accuracy of this free keyboard testing software.

In order to clear all the keys that has turned yellow, you can simply click on “Reset” button, to get started again. It is quick, handy and useful keyboard testing software. Checkout the GIF below, I created to display the functioning of this freeware:

Keyboard Test Utility- overview

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My Verdict For Keyboard Test Utility:

Keyboard Test Utility is a simple, quick, and handy freeware to test your keyboard. I was looking for this software as I have many keyboards lying with me, and I wasn’t sure which one of them is working fine. This freeware helped me in sorting the functional keyboards and trash the useless ones. You can definitely give a try if you want to check if your keyboard is working fine.

Get Keyboard Test Utility here.

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