TubeMote: Use Smart Phone as Remote Control

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TubeMote is free service to use smart phone as a remote control for your computer. In other words with the help of this software you can make your mobile acts as a remote control to watch videos on your computer.  You can lie back on your couch and watch YouTube videos on your computer screen like you watch television, and control videos just with your smart phone. This device would be most useful when you hook up your computer to your TV, and then control videos on computer with your smart phone. It will be like using a remote control to control web videos on your TV.


How to use TubeMote:

These days all the mobiles have browsing facility and with your mobile browser you can view YouTube videos on your mobile. First and foremost go to to sign up for an account. It will ask for user name, password and the email. Once after creating the account it will give your channel URL. You have your own channel now.

Open this channel on your computer. Give your user id and password and keep the video playing with window maximized for the maximum effect. Now come to your couch with the mobile and search for YouTube videos and play them. Remember that you need to go to your channel and login first on your mobile too to do this (this will work on iPod touch as well). You will see that the moment the video is played on mobile the same video gets played on your computer screen as well.

This means now you have your mobile as a remote controller to control the playing of the video on the computer screen. You can relax on your couch and successfully browse through the YouTube videos using your mobile. Other similar software we reviewed earlier is MobileWitch.

It works perfectly on all the major modern browsers, be it internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Opera etc.

TubeMote is a really good piece of software to convert your smart phone into a remote control, and it is completely free.


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