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Thinkj is a free real time collaboration website giving you a platform for real time collaboration on cloud and project management for small and medium size teams. The online tool is very simple and can be used by teams effectively to simplify their work and efforts. The application is absolutely free and the free edition can be used by up to 5 users with free 100 MB storage in cloud, which is fair enough for small teams.

Update (1-Sep-2012): Thinkj seems to be dead. Try out other real time collaboration software that we have linked to in this article.

The tools provided by Thinkj

Real time Messaging

The website gives you freedom of using instant chat messenger that Thinkj provides. If you are tired of using emails for discussing the projects with your teams then Thinkj is the tool you are looking for. You will be more connected to the teammates and will be able to resolve issues and discuss subjects in real time basis.

Make quick and informative decision with this useful tool. You can also search for all old messages in the inbox and save your inbox from clutter. The tool also supports collective discussions and chats, so that you can communicate with your team at one time. You can also read OffiSync for integrating Microsoft Office with Google Docs and Google Apps.

  • Instant chat with your team
  • You decide who can see your messages for security purpose
  • Search all historical messages quickly

Project Management


This tool is the most important in the tool set. You can easily assign and add task to the work group using the project management feature of Thinkj. The feature will provide you centralized place for creating, delegating, and managing the task. You can keep track of the jobs done by the group and the way project is progressing. Even the idle time of the employee in the team can be reduced using this feature. You can also read Free project management software and WebCollab for collaborative web based Project Management software.

  • Create tasks and track status with ease.
  • Comprehensive to-do list for the team.
  • Better, facilitate task-oriented discussions.

Document hosting

You can upload your documents on the cloud for everyone to access and use it for team members. The team will be able to collaborate even if you are not present in the meeting. Also, its good for security purposes and you can decide who can see your docs. You can also read Free services to collaborate in real time on word documents online.

  • Document sharing within your team
  • You decide who can see your documents.

Compatible with your iPhone and Androids

The application is finely compatible with iPhones and android devices, so that you can access project management and your teamwork can be tracked easily with this feature. You can access all the feature of Thinkj with your phone, which gives you flexibility of accessing the projects every time and anywhere.

  • Support iPhone & Android
  • Keep in touch with team in real time, everywhere
  • Use your phone just like your computer

Thinkj is free to use and very simple. It provides you with real time collaboration on cloud and project management for small and medium size teams at your workplace or business.

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