Play Fishbowl Online to engage in Virtual Fun with Friends

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In this article, you will read about how you can Play Fishbowl Online to engage in Virtual Fun with friends.

Remember those fun old games that we used to play with our friends, family and colleagues? But since most people are under quarantine these days, you probably miss those days of fun and engaging games.

Well, as most of you play most of these games online, add one another to this list and try the fun “Fishbowl” game in your list. Now you can play Fishbowl Online with your friends, make teams, and engage in a lot of fun at the comfort of your home.

Play Fishbowl Online to engage in Virtual Fun with Friends

Fishbowl is a fun memory game which is played in three rounds including Charades, Taboo, and Password. The online version of Fishbowl is just as interactive and engaging as the one we play using paper and the bowl.

Let us guide you how you can engage in this interactive game with friends online with any sign up.

First, visit the website There you can see a virtual fishbowl with two options of “Host Game” and “Join Game” on the homepage. You can also read the information about how the game is to be played displayed on the home page itself.

Fishbowl Game

Second, click on Host the game, and send the link of the website to your friends on any messaging application. Once, they receive it, ask them to click on “Join Game”.

This game is played in three rounds, Charades, Password, and Taboo. The host of the game can fill out the requirements and words each player can submit in the game, in the fields given as below.

Set up the Fishbowl game For participants who will be joining the game, they will input the code provided by the host, and enter the “Lobby” of the game.

After all the players are in the lobby, the game will begin. The card will appear on the screen of the participants as their turn begin. Then, as per game rules, be it Charades, Password or Taboo, the rules will be applied and the team members will gave to guess the word on the card based on the active participant’s hints.

Taboo Round in Fishbowl Virtual Game

Round 1: Taboo: Where the active participant will see a word on the screen and then he/she will have to describe this word using any other sentence but not the word shown on the card.

Round 2: Charades: In this game, the participant with the word cannot speak and will only do physical gestures by which the team members can guess the words.

Round 3: Password: In this round, the participant will be allowed to use only one word apart from the word displayed on the card so that the team can guess the actual word.

In Brief

This virtual Fishbowl game is an interactive virtual game for people who are living far off from each other and can only connect over a video call. This game can be fun to play with your friends during this quarantine time.

Try this online game here.

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