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Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

Statigram is a completely free online Instagram client that allows you to access the world’s largest social mobile community from your computer. It is a one stop shop for all your Instagram needs. This website enables you to view Instagram photos, get statistics of Instagram account, snapshots, manage your account, and much more. You can also promote your account and get to know about all the running contests on Instagram. To put it in simple words, Statigram is Instagram for your PC.

Statigram is very easy to use and comes with a very attractive interface that grabs your attention. The USP of this Instagram client is the variety of tasks it performs. These functions separate Statigram from other Instagram client for desktop like Stogram, Lucky Instagram. You can try this online Instagram client by visiting the link given at the end of this article.

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View, Get Statistics, Take Snapshots, Promote, Manage Account With Instagram Client

You do not need to download or install anything to use this online client for Instagram. Just go to the website, and login with your Instagram account, and you are all set.

Statigram possesses multiple functions in its repertoire that you can use very easily. Let me give you a detailed description of some of them. Statigram-instagram client-menu bar

Online Instagram Viewer:

The viewer feature is the first function of this website. Like on Facebook, it is an Instagram wall. It provides you with all the latest actions taking place on Instagram, the uploaded pictures and the comments. Apart from that, all your account details, like your pictures, followers, your followings, can be seen in the viewer tab.  However, you cannot upload any new pictures. That can be done only through your mobile.

Statistics of Instagram Account:

The option to receive all your statistics for your account is another interesting feature of this Instagram client. You can receive statistics for all your activities on Instagram. Activities like posted pictures, your followers, your most liked photos can all be tracked.

This statistics feature is one of the most interesting feature of this Instagram client. Apart from providing weekly or monthly statistics of some basic actions like photos uploaded, comments & likes received, your followings, it provides some very entertaining statistics. You can get stats for your new followers, and the followers you lost. It provides a followers growth chart that includes all these things.

Love rate, Talk rate, and Spread rate are another parameters for which statistics are provided. Love rate shows the percentage of likes received by you from your followers. You get an idea of what people like out there when your love rate increases. Similar to this, the talk rate provides statistics for comments posted by your users. The game of numbers does not end here, as there is one more parameter called Spread rate. Spread rate shows you how many likes you generate from  people that are not on your followers list. Hence, your spread rate represents your popularity out there.

Statigram creates all these statistics and sends you the information on your email id. The only problem I had with this feature was that it took a very long time to generate these statistics.

Statigram-instagram client-statistics

Search Pictures And Send Snapshots

This app allows you to search pictures from hashtag. You just have to type a hashtag in the search bar and all the pictures uploaded on Instagram under that hashtag will appear on your screen. The send snapshot option can be used for sending  all the snapshots in your account to your email ID.

Promote Your Account

The promote option allows you to promote your account and generate attention using some features. You can share the public URL of your account with users who do not have an Instagram account. They can comment and like your pictures through their Facebook accounts. You can also create a profile cover for your account using the latest pictures uploaded by you. All these and a couple of other actions can be performed by you to promote your account. Statigram-instagram client-promote menu


The contests tab provides you with all the details of the latest contests taking place on Instagram. You can easily get to know about all the latest contests, entries, winners of previous contests and everything. All these and few other functions make Statigram a very interesting platform for users.


My overall opinion for Statigram would be that it is a good platform for users and gives a great Instagram experience on the big screen. Even though some features like generating statistics take a lot of time to load, its multiple features cannot be ignored. An excellent app.

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