How to Get Into Habit of Coding Everyday

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Codehalf is a free website to get you into the habit of coding everyday. Yes this is a website which will keep track of your coding habits for you. This could be a great help for programmers or coders who have to write lines of codes every day. This website will also help you in remembering what you were working on yesterday and from where you have to start today using its notes feature.

Don’t be mistaken by thinking that you could write actual code on the website. No you cannot. The website just let’s you keep track of coding that you did through notes feature. As its said that practice makes perfect, the website let’s you visually see what days you did coding and what days you didn’t using a calendar. Which can help you establish a habit of coding everyday.

The home page of this website is shown below. Let’s login and find out how this website works.

codehalf home

For logging in you can use your GitHub or Twitter account otherwise, you can use an email address to sign up. After doing this, you will have a page like the one shown in the below screenshot.

codehalf calendar

A calendar will be shown to you to enter details about your coding for the day. When you click on today’s date, you will be taken to the topics page, where you will have to add a topic which you will be working on.

codehalf adding a topic

Once you add a topic it will start appearing on your screen like shown in the screenshot above. If you don’t want to add a new topic, then you can select from the popular or latest category and can even search for a topic from the search section.

Each topic lets you customize its look, you can change the header bar color and description in it using the customize option.

How to add notes and links:

  • Go to the calendar option using the 3 horizontal bar icon at the top left side of the page.
  • Click on today’s date, which will show you a pop up like shown in the screenshot below.codehalf notes
  • Now you can select the topic you worked on, add notes on what you did today, add notes on what you are going to do tomorrow and you can also add a link to you code page which is optional.
  • Then click the save button to save your entry.

Now when you go to the feed you will be able to see the entries you have made under each day with the latest being on top. When you go to your calendar view you will see each day you did coding underlined with the color of that topic.

When adding notes you can also mark them as completed or not completes using a sliding button. You would only be able to do entries from the day you create an account. The website does not allow any back date entries.

In the settings tab you can change your display name and email address. You can also opt to receive a newsletter from the website using the settings window.

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This website can prove useful for programmers, coders who like doing coding every day and want to learn something new. This way they can easily keep track of what they did today and what they wanna do tomorrow. Additionally you can add a link to your work on the notes too, just to give you a quick recap of what you completed.

Check out Codehalf here.

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