5 Free Websites To Create Fake News Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to create fake news online. These websites can be used to create news that can be shared with your friends to poke them.

Lately, websites to create fake news are becoming quite popular. As the influence of social media has improved greatly, people have found new platforms to express their creativity and play pranks with users out there. Fake news websites are a result of this very idea. Since it is still relatively new and not many people are aware of it, it becomes a very potent tool to prank your friends.

These platforms are very simple to use and hardly require any technical knowledge. You can simply enter all the details of the news you wish to create and the website does the rest. You are also provided with a link with which you can spread this news on various social media platforms.

The websites reviewed in this article are Fodey, Fake a Wish, Noob, MF-News, and NewsJack.


Create fake news

Fodey is my first addition in this list to create fake news online. This is a very simple to use platform and no account or registration is required. It generates images of the newspaper clippings that include all the information that you conjured. You can download this image and share it with others. The images are deleted from the website after a short period of time.

To create a newspaper clipping, you only have to mention details like date, name of the newspaper, and headline. After that, you can start writing the entire story in the provided column. Once you are done writing, hit the generate button and your clipping will be ready for download. The website suggests not to include real newspaper names.

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Fake aWish:

Fake a Wish

Fake a wish is another popular websites that helps you create fake news easily without any technical knowledge. Basically, this is website meant to spread hoax news about the celebrities. The website has pre designed articles that include completely fake news about the death or accident of a particular celebrity. You simply have to edit the name of the celebrity and add any name you want. Then copy the link of any fake article of your choice, that will include the name you just added, and share it with your friends online. As simple as that.

Since these kinds of stories can be heart breaking and can cause a lot of distress, make sure you use them wisely without causing any distress.


create fake news

Moving on, another website to help you create fake news easily is Noob. As is the case with other websites, this websites also does not require you to have any account and you can simply get on with the task of creating fake news. All you have to do is add details of your chosen victim like their name, location, Facebook ID ( optional). You then have to select a topic for your fake article. The website contains lots of topics like earthquake, lucky contest, participated in a reality show, and more. Once you choose a topic, and hit Finish button, the website will generate a newspaper clipping with all the content and images. You can then share this clipping with the help of the provided link below the clipping. Option to preview is also available before generating the clipping.

The content of the fake newspaper clipping is completely written by the website and you cannot edit it at all.


create fake news

MF-News is my next choice to create fake news online. Basically, this website is meant to create fake news to prank your friend. You can share this news either on Facebook, or via email. When your friend will click on the news, they will receive a message that they have been pranked.

Following a few simple steps is all it takes to create a fake news. The first step is to add details of your chosen victim. You have add their full name, and some relevant personal details, like what is their profession, hobbies, or something else. Then you have to add your own name, which your victim will get to see. In the following step, you have to choose a topic on which you wish to create a fake news. Finally, hit the Submit button and share the fake clipping with your victim. You can share it with the help of link given on top of the page.


create fake news

Newsjack is the fifth and final addition in this list to create fake online that can be shared with your friends. This is a very interesting and effective website, to say the least. The reason I say effective is because the creators of this website have come up with a great idea. They allow you to edit news on any popular website and share it. You can pick up any website available online, copy its link in the provided space, and edit the news on that website. You can then share the edited version online, with the help of a custom URL.

The website does not spare any popular news source as you can edit the online newspapers of channels like CNN, Fox News, and more. An amazing idea indeed.

Newspapers, and articles available on the website are a very trusted and popular source of spreading any news. Since they are considered to be a very serious medium seldom do people doubt their authenticity. This inherent trust in newspaper clippings makes these website very effective. Try them out and create fake news of your own. Do not forget to share your experience with us.

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