Free screen recorder with rewind recording to fix mistakes: Vento

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Vento is a free screen recorder with rewind recording feature to fix mistakes. This is like any other browser-based screen recorder we have covered before but it has two unique differentiators. Here it offers a rewind feature. If you made some mistake in recording, then you can pause the recording, go back to the scene where something went wrong and record again from that point. It will overwrite the mistaken recorded part with the new recording. This feature will save you extra clipping and trimming in the video editor software.

Vento works without installing anything. You can use it to record screen as well through webcam. The recorder is quite intuitive, but a little downside is that it only allows you to record 10 minute of video. After the recording finishes, it will show you a preview of the final video and then you can export it as a MP4 file. This is a good thing because in a screen recorder that we covered not long ago, there was no option to export the recorded videos.

Free screen Recorder with Rewind Recording to fix mistakes: Vento

There is no download required of any kind in order to use this video recorder here. You just go to its main website here and then start using it right away. You just have to give it the permissions that it asks for. After that, you are all good to go. Select a tab or screen after you start your recording.

vento screen recorder

The recording interface of this tool looks like this.

vento recording

Now, if you made some mistake, then just pause the recording. It will open the video in a small video editor like interface with timeline. Move the slider on the timeline to jump to the specific part in the video to start over. You can play and pause the video to find the correct position.

drag to reposition

Hit the “Replace from” button and then your recording is now rewinded.

Now, you can resume the recording and then go on to record anything that you like. When you are done, it will show you a preview of the recorded video.

Vento recorded video

When you have the video, you can download it as MP4 file on your PC. The option to download the video is available at the bottom right side in the 3 dots icon. Bookmark this website and you can use it in this way every time when you need to record something on the screen. This can be your next best screen recording tool to record short videos or demonstrations.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a free browser based screen and video recording tool, then you are at the right place. If you often make mistakes in screen recording, then you can now live edit it using Vento. Just go back in the recording a few seconds or few minutes back and then resume it from there, overriding the mistaken part. I liked this simple screen recorder and its rewind feature. Go give it a try on your own and let me know what you think about it.

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