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Here is a list of free 3 online mugshot generator websites. These websites let you generate real looking mugshots for free by uploading images or using the webcam. You can also make them look the way you want by personalizing a few things, like, crime for which convicted, police department, height, file number, law enforcement logo, etc. You can make changes to them as you want, to play the perfect prank on your friends.

All these websites offer different personalization options. So, let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. Mobile Fish:

Mobile Fish

Mobile Fish is the first website in this list of free online mugshot generator. This website doesn’t have any option to upload existing photos, so the only way you can generate mugshot is using the webcam. While using it, the website gives you a 3 second time to get yourself mugshot ready before it takes your photo and processes it. For the mugshot, Mobile Fish lets you choose the police department, name, crime, booking info, border text, height, and law enforcement logo. Once you have filled these details and clicked your photo, Mobile Fish will start the processing part and you will get the generated mugshot that you can download.

2. Fantasy Felon:

Fantasy Felon

Fantasy Felon is the online mugshot creator website which is completely dedicated to mugshots. The whole process of generating mugshots is simple and divided across 3 steps: Upload photo, Choose mugshot template and Download the mugshot. On the step 2, you can also enlarge, shrink and reset the photo apart from choosing the mugshot template. There are 12 types of mugshot templates for you to choose from.

Apart from generating mugshots, you can browse the website to see latest mugs, top rated mugs, rated mugs, and browse templates. You can also vote the mugshots of others on a scale of 9, with 9 being the Most Wanted. For each mugshot, Fantasy Felon also shows average votes and total number of votes.

3. PicGen:


PicGen is the third website in the list to generate mugshots for free. The website has pretty easy to use mugshot generator with fields for uploading photo, name, city, date, choice of making mugshot gray, and enable/disable frame. When you have provided all the details, click on Generate button to get the mugshot. After the mugshot is generated, PicGen provides you with the link to the generated mugshot picture, BB-code for guestbooks and forums, and HTML code for websites.

These are the 3 free online mugshot generator websites. Check them out to create cool looking mugshots that would look great as your DP :)

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