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Coggle (beta) is a free online diagram app that helps to create diagrams for making notes. It also lets you add multiple images to your diagram (known as coggle) and multiple diagrams can be created by you. Apart from this, this web app also helps to collaborate together with friends to perform changes in your diagram. Changes are reflected in real-time.

Coggle brings a simple idea that helps to solve a problem by dividing your task in form of diagram. With your main task, you can add sub-tasks (child nodes), and can further divide your task. Branch color of each node can also be customized by you. Whether you have to build a family tree, project diagram, or anything else, Coggle would be useful.

Coggle- free online diagram app

In above screenshot, you can see a sample diagram created by me with child nodes and images.

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Key Features:

  • Each and every change done by you in diagram is saved automatically.
  • Invite people for collaboration by sending them invitation to their email addresses. Once they will join Coggle, they can collaborate with you to edit your diagram. Use + button present at top right side to invite people. You can also set permission for collaborators: read only, read and create copies/download your diagram, and edit diagram with full rights.
    invite collaborators and set permission
  • It stores history of previous versions of diagrams. It lets you view what change is done by you or collaborators at a particular time. You can also see who has made changes. Use icon available at top right corner of your Coggle account to view changes history.
    view changes with previous versions
  • You can change color of any branch of a particular node to distinguish that branch. Just click on a branch and color wheel will open in front of you.
  • Support hotkeys to change branch color, move a branch to add with some other node, insert/add/remove branch.
  • Nodes text can be made bold and italic with global hotkeys.
  • You can organize your coggles into organizations. All you have to do is create an organization with desired name and invite people for collaboration.
    create organization
  • By default, your diagram remains private. But you can make diagram public as well and share diagram link on your social networks timeline.
  • Search feature is also available to find out a particular coggle from the whole list.
  • Each diagram can be saved to PC as PDF file, image file, plain text file, and *.mm format file.

How To Use This Free Online Diagram App?

Initial steps to use this free online diagram app are very simple. Go to the homepage of this free online diagram app and sign up using your Google account. Authorize Coggle to access your email address. After this, you will come to the dashboard of this web app.

sign up

Now to create a diagram (known as Coggle), you have to use CREATE button. A whiteboard will be presented to you. Here, you need to add parent node with any desired name at required place. After entering the name to your node, you can use ‘+’ button to add child nodes to parent node. A parent node may contain multiple child-nodes. Each child-node may further include different sub-nodes (like a chain) and so on.

add nodes to create digram

Expand your diagram upto the required extent. Whole diagram will look like a tree and its branches. You can also add images to any of the node by dragging and dropping image from PC to required node.

Make your diagram beautiful and meaningful. All changes are saved automatically, so you don’t have to bother about data loss.


Coggle is interesting diagram app and it can help you to divide a complex task into parts. Its real-time collaboration feature and auto save changes makes it more valuable. Also the feature to check history of previous versions of your diagram is impressive.

Try Coggle free.

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