5 Websites To Play Scrabble Online With Friends

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to play scrabble online with friends. The websites let you play word games with your friends or other competitors and win reward points. There are not many website available that let you play scrabble online ( it took a while to compile a list of these websites). These websites have different type of Scrabble games available that can be played solo, or with a friend.

The 5 websites mentioned in this article are lexulous, Pogo.com, Wabble, WorldWinner, and Hasbro.



The first website to play scrabble online is Lexulous. This is like an online community of online Scrabble players. You have to join by creating a free account. There are different play rooms available in your account and these play rooms contain multiple players. You can join these different play rooms and invite players to play with you. Once your invitation is accepted, the game begins automatically with that player. If you wish to play with a particular friend of yours, both of you can join a particular play room and send invitation to play. While the game is in progress, you can stay in touch with your opponent through chat column.

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pogo-play scrabble online-game

Second website to play Scrabble online is Pogo.com. This website contains lots of different Scrabble games like Scrabble, Word power, Scrabble sprint, and more. These games can be played by you and your friends together. After you can create an account, an invitation can be sent to your friends or other players available online at that time. Apart from Scrabble games, the website has lots of other games as well for you to play.

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Wabble is another website that you can visit to be a part of online Scrabble playing community. You can play Scrabble online on this website by creating a free account. There are lots of games being played and you can join them or merely choose to observe as audience. These games are of two types: public or private. If a game is public, anyone can join it but, a private game is password protected and you cannot join it without knowing the password. To create your own new game to play with your friend, you can hit the new game button and give password to your friend, in case you create a private game. Your game will be shown on the homepage with your name.

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WorldWinner (Scrabble Cubes):


WorldWinner is the next website in this list to play Scrabble online. The website has lots of games, apart from Scrabble, available for you to play. The Scrabble game that you can play on this website is Scrabble Cubes. You have to arrange the words in a 3D looking cube. You have to connect letters by rearranging them. The fact that it has to done on a cube makes it a very challenging task. The website has lots of prizes and reward points that can be won by you.

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The fifth and final website to play Scrabble online is Hasbro. You can play this scrabble game online without creating any account. The game requires you to create as many words as you can from the provided set of letters. There is a limited time available in which you have to arrange the provided letters and create as many words as you can. At the end of every game, you earn points depending on the words you made and their quantity.

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Try out all these website and play the interesting game of Scrabble with your friends online, for free.

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