How to Block Anyone from Adding You to WhatsApp Groups?

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This article covers how to block anyone from adding you to WhatsApp groups. This was a much-awaited feature of WhatsApp, which is now available to use. You will be able to select whether your contacts can add to you some WhatsApp group or nobody can do that. If ‘Nobody‘ is selected, then the other person won’t be able to add you to any group. He/she can only send you the invitation. After that, you can decide if you want to join that group or just ignore the received invitation. This feature is currently in the beta version of WhatsApp, but it will be a part of stable release also.

Until now, anyone, whether your contact or some other person, can add you to a WhatsApp group created by him/her. Though the feature is good, we need some privacy sometimes. And when we are added to some WhatsApp group without our permission, it feels bad. Leaving that group also doesn’t sound nice. Therefore, this much-awaited feature is now gonna help us.

failed to add to whatsapp group

In the screenshot above, you can see that when some person tried to add me in a WhatsApp group, an error message is displayed. In that case, there was only one way, which is to invite me to WhatsApp group. I will have the choice to accept or ignore that invitation.

How to Block Anyone from Adding You to WhatsApp Groups?

Step 1: Before starting, make sure you’ve got the updated beta version of WhatsApp to use this feature. If yes, then access Settings of your WhatsApp account, and then click on Account option. You can see that in the screenshot below.

access account under settings

Step 2: Under the Account section, click on that “Privacy” menu and then scroll down the Privacy options. You will see the “Groups” option. Click that option.

access groups under privacy

Step 3: This is the final step. Groups option has three different sub-options about who can add you to groups:

  • Everyone: means any person whether your contact or not can add you to a group.
  • My contacts: Your contacts can add you to a group.
  • Nobody: This is the option you need to select and press the Done button.

set nobody and done

Now when someone will try to add you to a group, he/she will have the option to invite you. And, you’ll have the freedom to access that invitation or simply ignore it.

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The Conclusion:

Personally, I am quite happy to have such kind of feature. Most of the times, I become a part of some WhatsApp groups that I don’t want to be. But, I didn’t have any choice, until now. Thankfully, WhatsApp has made it possible. We all can decide whether we want to join some WhatsApp group or not. You can easily block anyone from adding you to WhatsApp groups.

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