Free Pixabay Photoshop Plugin: How To Add Pixabay Photos To Photoshop Directly

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There is an official Pixabay Photoshop Plugin that lets you add royalty free photos to Photoshop directly. We all know Pixabay has gazillions of images that are free to use. Till now, you had to search for images on Pixabay, download the one you want, then load it in Photoshop to use it. The process is very lengthy, but not any more. With the introduction of this Pixabay Photoshop Plugin, you can search for stock photos directly in Photoshop and load them with just a single click.

In this article, I will introduce you to this extension, tell how to add Pixabay photos to Photoshop, and what other features this plugin provides.

Did you know, there’s a Pixabay add-in for MS Office as well?

How To Add Pixabay Photoshop Plugin To Photoshop:

To get started with it, you will need to have an Adobe Creative Cloud account. The link to this plugin is provided at the end of this article. When you click it, you will go to the Adobe Add-ons Pixabay page. There, you get the option to add this plugin to your Creative Cloud account. You can do that by clicking on the Free button.

Sign in with your Adobe Creative Cloud account, and the plugin will get added to your Photoshop account.

The next step is to open Photoshop, or restart Photoshop if already open. Also, you need to make sure that you are signed in to Photoshop with your Adobe account through which you logged in while installing plugin. You can look for sign in option in the Help menu in the Toolbar. Also, keeping your Photoshop updated to its latest version is something I’d recommend.

To check if the Pixabay Photoshop plugin is installed or not, go to Window > Extensions. You will find Pixabay option in the menu.

How To Add Pixabay Photos To Photoshop Directly Using This Plugin:

As soon as you open the Pixabay extension from the Extensions menu, the Pixabay tool will appear on Photoshop’s interface. The tool appears right next to the tool panel of Photoshop on the left side. As you can see, you get a search bar on the Pixabay tool. Here, you can simply enter a keyword to find photos.

When you find a photo that you like using from this free Pixabay Photoshop Plugin, simply click on it. A download button will appear; click on it to load the photo in Photoshop as a new image or on an existing file. Pretty simple and straightforward, isn’t it?

Let us see, what all additional options are available in this plugin.

You can control the resolution of the photo that you are downloading. Simply click on the resolution selection option shown in the above screenshot. You will get different resolution options, which you can select before downloading an image.

There’s a setting button on the top of the plugin as well with host of options. Here, you can select if you are looking for photos or illustrations. Apart from that, you can choose orientation type, order of photos being displayed, and turn on/off Editors Choice.

Closing Words

So, if you are a busy graphic designer with loads of projects, then this extension will definitely help you save tremendous amount of time. Give it a try.

You can get this Pixabay Photoshop Plugin from here.

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