5 Websites to Learn iOS App Development

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Here is a list of 5 websites to learn iOS app development. These websites are useful for all types of developers including the one who are either amateur or the ones who are just thinking of becoming a developer. Even if you are an alien to the developing world, these websites will guide you and help you in becoming familiar with the iOS app development related technical terms and concepts.

All these 5 websites have a unique way of teaching and making you understand the concepts, so you choose the one which suits you the best. Let’s get started with them one by one.

1. iOS App Development by Apple:

iOS App Development by Apple

The first website to learn iOS app development is Apple’s official one. It includes a total of 4 sections in the course in which you will learn how to setup the environment for hassle free app development. The complete lessons are divided into points including the screenshots. The screenshots are annotated ones which help you in understanding the different components of the software that you will use for development.

There’s a sidebar on the left side which you can use to browse through the contents of course and you can switch between them with one click.

2. Udemy:


The next website, to learn iOS app development is Udemy. It is one of the most popular websites with lots of course materials which are both paid and free. Luckily the iOS app development course is absolutely free to read and follow. The course includes 36 lectures and 4 quizzes which sums up to 5+ hours of course content. It already has 20000+ enrolled students and the course is labeled as Lifetime Free.

The only thing, you need is a valid Udemy account to get access. The procedure for getting a valid Udemy account is really easy and absolutely free. The bonus thing is all the lectures are downloadable which means you can download them for free and start learning whenever you get time.

3. TutsPlus:

Tuts Plus

The third website on the list to learn iOS app development is TutsPlus. The cool thing about the website is the way it has categorized all the lessons. You will start the course by understanding the iOS ecosystem and setting up the environment.

After this, the tutorial will take you to the lessons of developing your iOS apps, testing them, and other important things related to the development. Each lesson includes particular sections which helps you in knowing the complete course structure.

4. Ray Wenderlich:

Ray Wenderlich

The second last website for learning iOS app development is Ray Wenderlich. The website includes tutorials covering all the aspects of iOS app development including the newly launched Swift programming language. The other cool thing is that it includes iOS version specific tutorials including a dedicated section for Crash Reporting. It also has separate sections for app and game development for iOS devices.

5. Edu Mobile:

Edu Mobile

The last website in the list is Edu Mobile. This web site includes topics as per particular situations in app development. Some of the situations are: Text to Speech in iPhone, Creating Controls in Code, Updating A Progress Bar, Gesture Recognizer in iOS, and much more. You simply need to choose the section to read the tutorial and implement.

Here I wrap up my list of 5 free websites to learn iOS app development from your room or even couch. Give them a try and if you know some more of them, then feel free to get in touch with me via comments.

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