5 Websites to Learn Android App Development

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Here is a list of 5 websites to learn Android app development. In recent times, Android has seen a significant rise in the number of Android devices getting launched in the market almost every day. With such an increase in the number of Android devices, the user base of Android market is also growing, and developers are able to earn good money by developing and selling Android apps.

If you are wondering how to develop Android apps, then don’t worry. You can use any of the below-mentioned websites to learn Android app development easily. These websites not only help you understand the Android app development concepts, but also help you in developing your first Android app. Let’s check out each of them:

Let’s check out each of them:

1. Android Training by Android:

Android Training by Android

The first website to learn Android app development is Android (official website of Android OS). The name of the course is Android Training and it covers all the important concepts and aspects of Android app development. Since it is from official website of Android so you can be assured that the material is quite reliable.

All the concepts are categorized into multiple sections and sub-sections for better and faster understanding. Each specific concept is explained in step by step method, along with screenshots wherever required. One of the good things is that the you will find all codes being written separately to differentiate between normal text and code.

It also has an option for one-click access to experts. You can get in touch with the experts to share your problems or doubts and get solution.

2. Code Learn:

Code Learn

The second website to learn Android app development is Code Learn. As of now, the website has 9 lessons about Android app development while 3 more are under Coming Soon label. All the 9 lessons are well structured and start off from basic concepts and then increasing all the way to making your first app.

All the lessons include screenshots, followed by the detailed explanation of each important aspect of that particular screenshot. On the left sidebar, there is a fixed table of contents which you can use to directly jump to any particular section of that lesson.

At the end of each lesson, it includes a comments section where you can post your queries and suggestions.

3. Tuts Plus:

Tuts Plus

The third website for learning Android app development is Tuts Plus. The website includes courses starting from the Introduction to Android and then you will proceed to higher level lessons. For easier grasping of concepts, you can also refer to screenshots and proceed accordingly on your system.

At the end of tutorial, you will see the links to related articles, along with comments section. You can share your views or ask for your doubts via comments.

4. The New Circle:

The New Circle

The New Circle is the next website to learn Android app development. This website is different from all the above-mentioned ones as it explains all the lessons via video tutorials. The website has a total of 29 lessons. You simply need to click on the lessons which you want to learn and you will see the video being played instantly.  You can also post your views, suggestions, comments, etc.. using the comments section below each video tutorial.

5. Vogella:


Vogella is the last website in the list to learn Android app development. Vogella has 13 main sections for the entire Android course and you will find multiple sub-sections under each of the main section. Each of the sub-section includes a table of contents.

It also includes pre-requisitions section which describes the concepts which you should know before proceeding with that particular concept. The website has provided all the codes used in examples as open source under Eclipse Public License.

With this, here I conclude my list of 5 websites to learn Android app development. Give them a try to learn Android app development and who knows you might be the founder of next revolutionizing Android app.

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