iTunesControl: Add Extra Features to iTunes

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iTunesControl is a freeware that is a extension for iTunes. It adds to the features of the iTunes software. Now you can enjoy your iTunes software fully and all the features that were missing in the software can be supplemented by using this freeware iTunesControl. You can improve iTunes features with this very easy freeware and enjoy your iTunes software to the fullest. You can read our article on GizmoRip for downloading music from iPod, iPhone to a new computer or GizmoTrim to remove duplicate songs from iTunes.

The freeware will provide you list of features that you can add with your iTunes and customize the pop up windows. You can choose the info you want to see while you are playing a track. Customizing the freeware is extremely easy and simple. Also, change the screen position and display contents as per your specifications. If you want these features in your iTunes then iTunesControl is the appropriate option. You can also read PulpTunes to access you iTunes library from any PC.


The freeware is compatible with all the versions of iTunes. You also get global hot keys like Show/ Hide iTunes, so that an extra window will not be shown on the screen all the time. By using this, iTunes add on, you will experience better music with iTunes. The application is light weight and safe to download. By saying light weight, the application does not consume much of the disk space plus it uses less system resources. You might be interested in our article on iTunesTweet which lets you tweet iTune songs.

One of the best features of free iTunes add on is to offer its users freedom to change and customize iTunes display. You can customize display so well and in detail, as the iTunesControl will let you change iTune display attributes like position, text, text size, font, text color, transparency, album art, border, and background color. Also, change the color of the display matching to the color of the desktop. The display can also be used in “outline mode”. You can also read our article on Free Alternatives to iTunes for Windows.

Features overview of iTunesControl:

  • Very easy to download and light weight
  • Optimum use of system resources
  • Customize the iTunes displays
  • Over 40 different hotkeys
  • Hotkeys are easy to use and can be combined with the keyboard for easy and quick working
  • iTunes extension and can be used with any version of the software and can be fully integrated with iTunes
  • Display supports track information in all languages and character sets
  • Extensive set of configuration options and customization
  • Ability to search for songs and artists in current playlist
  • Support for external programs such as AutoHotkey
  • Support for multimedia keys on remotes


The hotkeys in the iTunesControl are customizable and you can configure them. iTunesControl can override any of the system hotkeys. All keys on the keyboard should be able to be set as hotkeys, although some require modifier keys (Win, Shift, Alt, and Control). Since all the functions of the iTunes can be configured with your keyboard strokes, you can easily get along with your music by just simple keystrokes. However, it supports 40 global hotkeys, some of the simple defined system hotkeys are:

  • Play/Pause- Plays or pauses iTunes

Default Win XP hotkey: Win + P

Default Vista/Win 7 hotkey: Ctrl + Shift + P

  • Prev Track- Advances iTunes to the next track

Default Win XP hotkey: Win + Left Arrow

Default Vista/Win 7 hotkey: Ctrl + Win + Left Arrow

  • Next Track- Moves iTunes to the previous track

Default Win XP hotkey: Win + Right Arrow

Default Vista/Win 7 hotkey: Ctrl + Win + Right Arrow

iTunesControl is a great application for customizing iTunes and its free to use. Just download and start using. It does not take too much of your system space and you can set a display of your choice.

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Works With: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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