5 Websites To Get Room Makeover Ideas

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to get room makeover ideas. These websites display before & after images of how your room will look like if you follow the prescribed ideas.

Just how important is it to keep changing the settings of your room? I am sure a lot of people will say that it is very important and critical. My personal opinion is that our room, being our private space, is the extension of our own self. We keep things that we like & we keep them in the way we like. But, it is obvious that things do start looking a bit dull & monotonous after some time. Just as a vacation charges you up after a long hectic schedule, similarly, changing room settings can have a very refreshing impact on us. And if there are websites that can give you some free suggestions for a makeover, well, it can’t get better right?

The 5 free websites to get room makeover ideas are Better Homes and Gardens, teenvogue, Real Simple, Sunset, and styleathome.

Better Homes and Gardens:

get makeover ideas

The first website to get room makeover ideas reviewed here is Better Homes and Gardens. From color schemes to furniture, and from big fancy ideas to cheap makeover ideas, the website provides you with all of these. The link given above will take you to the page where you can find a list of all these ideas lined up for you.

The website acknowledges the fact that there cannot be one idea for all bedrooms of different kinds and sizes. Other than differentiating between ideas some grand scale ideas & cheap makeover ideas, the website also provides different ideas for different styles of bedrooms. You will find categories like traditional bedrooms, cottage bedrooms, vintage bedrooms. Each of these categories contain different tips and pictures. Lastly, the website also lets you slip into some small bedroom secrets to keep your room clean. Try it out from above.


get room makeover ideas

Another website to get makeover ideas is teenvogue. The name of the website clearly and rightly reflects its theme. The makeover ideas covered by this online teen magazine largely revolves around providing tips for college kids living in their dorm rooms or at their place. The ideas are artistic, colorful, include a lot of cheap & stylish stuff and everything else that you will not find in a traditional room.

Subsiding the traditional makeover ideas for a room is not the only unusual and refreshing thing about this website. The chirpy and colorful ideas on the website are not provided in the traditional ways either. There are no article listing step by step instructions or what to keep where. There are articles sharing the experiences of people who came up with ideas for their rooms along with the images, or people who won the running competitions on the website and more. Try it out from above.

Real Simple:

get room makeover ideas

The third website to get room makeover ideas is Real Simple.  This website is basically an online community of solution seekers who can visit this website and find solutions relating to issues across different fields. There are tabs like food & recipe, Holiday & entertainment, Wedding and more. Home & organizing is one such tab that provides you solutions for room makeovers. The website lists 16 different room makeover ideas with before and after images. Along with every image, there is a brief description of what colors were used, items used, etc. You can take a cue from it and start working on your own room. To help you further, the website provides the option of printing the images, email them, or save them in your account.


get room makeover ideas

The penultimate website reviewed in this article to get room makeover ideas is Sunset. The underlying theme of this platform is that spending lavishly is not the only way to go through a makeover; it is possible to not spend big money and still give your room a makeover that you badly needed. Thus, the website provides you with different budget friendly ways to get a makeover of your like changing the paint of the room, buying some new cheap material and other affordable ideas. Each of these ideas is listed in a slide show along with before and after images that you can print and email. These ideas are not only limited to your bedrooms, but are also available for kitchen, dining room, bathroom, outdoors, and more. Check them out by clicking the link above.


get room makeover ideas

The final website reviewed in this article to get room makeover ideas is styleathome. Like other websites, this website also serves as an online magazine for stuff related to food, decoration, vacations, and more. There are different designated tabs that contain relevant content. The tips to do a makeover of your room is available in the decorating & design tab of the website. It provides 10 different ways in which you can re-organize your room with some budget friendly items. The author of the articles lists 10 different items that you can place, along with their images, in your room and give a refreshing shape to it. If you are not in the mood of going through a complete makeover of your room, these 10 budget friendly ways can prove to be really helpful. Check them out from above.

So, all these above mentioned websites provide you with different makeover ideas to give a fresh look to your room. The fact that money can be a hindrance in achieving your plans is acknowledged by almost all the platforms, thus, they provide both cheap & expensive ideas of reshaping your personal space. Try them out and let us know which one you like the most.

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