Do I Have Anger Issues? 5 Best Online Anger Management Test Websites

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Do you have anger issues? Do you ever ask yourself “Why Am I So Angry“? You might need to see a therapist to calm things down for you. But first, you got to make sure if you really have anger issues or you are just over analyzing things. For this, there are many online Anger test and Anger Management test websites out there.

In this article, I will tell you about some of the best anger test websites that you can make use of. These tests ask you several questions that you need to answer. All you need to do is, answer the questions honestly. Based on your answers, these tests provide result telling if you may need to get help or not. Some of these websites also provide suggestions based on your result.

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Here Are The Best Anger Management Test Websites:

Anger Management Test – Abridged

Anger Management Test from Psychology Today is a 10 question long test. These questions put you through different situations that you may face. You need to tell if you will feel angry or not on a scale of I feel furious to I don’t feel angry at all. After you submit your answers, you will be sent to result page. There, you will first get to read about anger issues, then you get the result as score out of 100. You will get to know what it means, along with some suggestions.

Give it a try here.

Anger Test – Psychologist World

This Anger Test from Psychologist World is a more extensive test than the above mentioned test. It has a set of 25 situations for which you have to tell how angry these situations will make you if happened in real. The options range from Not At All to Very Much. Additionally, you are also asked about your age group, gender, and your country. The result just gives you a percentage as score, which will help you decide if you have anger issues or not.

Give this Do I Have Anger Issues Test a try here.

Anger Test – Illness Quiz

Anger Test from Illness Quiz also asks the same questions as above test. It gives you certain statements, and you need to tell if that applies to you or not. There are 17 questions in total that you need to answer. The test result gives you a score, and tells you your anger level. It also talks about anger and anger management that can be helpful for you.

Try this Why Am I So Angry test here.

Can You Pass an Anger Management Test?

Can You Pass an Anger Management Test? by Playbuzz has a total of 9 questions to test your anger level. It is an interesting test to give. It shows you pictures related to the questions it asks, which makes it interesting and relatable. With the questions, you get different options in which you’d behave in certain situations. Choose the options that suit you the best.

The result tells you what kind of anger issues you have and gives you suggestion accordingly. The best part? You can share result on social media and via email as well.

Test out your anger using this tool here.

Just How Angry Are You?

Just How Angry Are You? is a 10 questions long test from British Association Anger Management. It has a bit different questions from the above mentioned tests. For the questions, you need to give answer as Yes or No. You will need to submit your name and email (optionally) to get test result. The score is provided out of 50 and it also tells what the score means.

Try it out here.

Closing Word

Anger can lead to circumstances that are better uncalled. Try any of these anger tests to check your anger level and get a treatment if you really need it before things run out of your hand.

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