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Pixelthoughts is a interesting website I came across. It is like a really cool online stress buster to go through. It doesn’t take much time either, just about 60 seconds of your time. But after the 60 seconds you will start feeling a little less stressed then you were in the beginning.

When you open the website there is calming music playing in the background and you will see a black screen with small white stars moving upwards from the bottom of the screen. At the center of the screen you will see a circle and a text box. Enter the name of the thing which has been bothering you and click on the done button. The screen you will see is shown in the below screenshot.

pixelthoughts home

Now just read the instructions appearing on the screen. Breath in and breath out. Keep looking at the problem you entered and soon you will find it shrinking. The comparisons that you are going to read will make you feel as if your problem is very small. Soon your problem will shrink to the size of a small dot and disappear among the other small stars on the screen.

pixelthoughts fourth image

In case you have something bothering you and you are not being able to focus on your work, then try this out. Might just make your day and move your focus out of the problem and back to work. The last screen which you see is shown in the screenshot below.

pixelthoughts end screen

The combination of the background music and the foreground text is amazing. You do for a moment start feeling as this problem is too insignificant. And in today’s world where we carry a lot of stress about every little thing, this might just be a small reminder that worrying doesn’t solve the problem. It just puts a lot of pressure on you. So forget about the problem for a while and continue with your day so you don’t screw up other things as well.

Go ahead and try out this cool online stress buster. Let us know if this worked for you.

Go to pixelthoughts and get stress free.

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