Cloak Affiliate Links Online with These 3 Free Websites

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Here are 3 free websites to cloak affiliate links online for free. These websites allow you to cloak an affiliate link using your website’s domain. They ask for an affiliate link input and then they generate a HTML or PHP file that you can put on your website’s server. Later, you can share the link to the file and then it will redirect to the affiliate link. Most of these websites give HTML code with JavaScript code or an simple anchor tag inside it. And some of these websites give PHP file as well for uploading to your server.

If you want to cloak your affiliate links just to make them look like authentic, then you can try the following websites. Also, if you want to hide it from others, then you better cloak them. However, to make the cloaking work, you should have some knowledge of web servers. You can make separate folder on your server and then use that to upload the HTML or PHP files there. And you can easily upload it to server through FTP using any FTP client.

Cloak Affiliate Links Online

3 Free Websites to Cloak Affiliate Links Online:


acloaker generate cloaked affiliate link

acloaker is one of the best and simple website that you can use to cloak an affiliate link. It just takes an affiliate link from you and then help you cloak it. It gives you three different files by adding some code and you can upload that to your server. In the output, it gives you 2 HTML files and 1 PHP file. Here you are not required to sign up or create an account to get started. Just upload any of those files to your server and share its URL with anyone. The URL to any of the files on your server will work as a cloaked link.

Suppose you upload the HTML or PHP file to the location “” then you can share this URL with anyone as it will be a cloaked URL. But don’t forget to rename the HTML or PHP file as “index”. And if you want to store multiple files there, then you will have to include their name as well in the URL.

Affiliate Link Cloaker Tool

Affiliate Link Cloaker Tool in action

Affiliate Link Cloaker Tool is a simple yet useful affiliate link cloaker tool. Just like the above tool, it takes the affiliate link URL from you and then shows you the output code that you can use on your website. It creates a clickable link for you and gives you the corresponding code as well. You can copy code that it gives you and then use that in your posts and even in the newsletters that you send. The link can be cloaked using a random text or a dummy URL. In addition to this, you can specify whether you want to mark this link as nofollow so that search engine will not consider this link for ranking.

You can reach the main page of this tool using the above link. After that, you can start specifying the details that it asks for. So, simply add the affiliate link that you want to cloak and then other parameters. You can specify a link text and you can opt to make this link a nofollow link. After you are done, simply click on “Get Cloaked Link” and it will immediately show you the HTML code that you can use on your website. You can see the screenshot above.


ADDME free link cloaker online

ADDME is another free website that you can try to cloak your affiliate links with ease. However, this tool works in a bit different way. This tool is meant to create link on a web page. This website works in the same way as the tool above. It takes an affiliate link from you and asks for some other parameters to create the final cloaked link. It produces HTML code with an anchor tag. You can embed that on a web page, in a newsletter or you can create a separate page on your websites with that. Apart from just specifying the input affiliate link, you can opt to make it nofollow, make it open in new window, etc.

Use the above link to directly reach its homepage and then start cloaking your affiliate link. There is no registration or sign up required so you can just specify the affiliate link you have. Later you can specify an anchor text and then click “Get Cloaked Link” button. It will immediately show you the generated code that you can copy and use in the HTML page of website. Or, if you have some knowledge of programming, then you can add redirect code in its header as well. Apart from just getting the final link code, you can even opt to make it as nofollow. Also, if you want to make the final link open in a new tab, then you can do that.

Final words

These are some of the best free online affiliate link cloaker websites that I have found. You can use any website from this list and cloak an affiliate link in a couple of seconds. Some of these websites take a link from you and create a redirect script in JS or PHP and give that to you. While some of them can only generate the HTML href snippet that you can use on the web pages of your website. So, if you are looking for some free affiliate link cloaking websites, then this list will surely come in handy.

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