Android Translator to Translate Text in Any App Without Leaving App

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Inapp Translator for Android is a free translation app for Android which lets you translate text while inside other apps. This free app lets you translate the text to the language of your choice without the need to close an app and switch to a translation app.

It simply gives the user a floating window which simplifies the task of translation. Using Inapp Translator for Android, you will be able to quickly translate between any languages with ease. The app works with any app on your phone which allows you to share or copy text.

The free version of app provides a limited number of translations per month. I am not sure about the exact number. But if you do not need to do lot of translations regularly, free version would probably work fine for you. Otherwise, you can switch to premium version of the app.

Inapp Translator For Android Floating Translator For Android

Using Inapp Translator for Android:

You can get Inapp Translator from the link or QR code given at the end of this review. Once installed, simply launch it and you will have the interface in front of you as seen below. By default the translation settings are set to Auto Detect to English (so, the app will automatically detect the language of input text, and will translate that to English). However, you can change this according to your needs by simply tapping on the language options. The app will provide you with a huge list of languages from which you can select one of your choice.

Using Inapp Translator for Android

Once you are done with the initial setup, simply tap on the ‘T’ symbol in the middle of the app window. This will bring up a floating ‘T’ as seen here, which floats over all other applications.

Inapp Translator For Android

While you are in an app in which you would like to translate some text, simply highlight it and copy it. Once it is copied to the clipboard, tap on the floating ‘T’ and you will be presented with the translation as seen below.

how to translate using Inapp Translator for android

Also more options can be brought up on tapping on the ‘T’ again, as seen here. In this manner, you can translate text in any Android app, without leaving that app.

more options in Inapp Translator for android


Inapp Translator for Android is a simple app which allows you to translate text inside apps seamlessly. It is a simple concept which has been superbly implemented by the developers. It removes the need to switch between apps to translate something. This free app with its innovative floating window solution will simplify your life while you’re using your device for communicating with others, or for simply translating text.

Also check out Google Translate App.

Get Inapp Translator for Android from here or scan the QR code below.

Inapp Translator for Android

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Works With: Android 2.2 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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