Android Music App with Piano, Guitar, Drumpad, Drum Machine

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Perfect Piano is a free music instrument app for Android which allows you to learn, play and make music on Android phones. It has four instrument modes, i.e. Piano, Guitar, Drum Pad and Drum Machine. Every instrument has multiple programs with very realistic instrument sounds.

The magic of this app is that even if you just play randomly, it will still create beats that seem soothing and musical to your ears. If gives all of you beginners the confidence that you need to start learning and making your own music on Android. It has a Learn to play mode to help you begin. You can download many easy to hard level sample songs. This app also allows you to record your music, set as your ringtone, and share it with friends.

Perfect Piano

Key Features of Perfect Piano App for Android:

  • Graphic interface.
  • Very easy to learn music with this app.
  • Fun to use app.
  • Play piano, guitar, drum pad, and drum machine.
  • Has very realistic instrument sounds.
  • Easily create your own music with this Android app.
  • Has a learn to play mode, too.
  • Includes preload demo patterns.
  • Each instrument has many sound modes.
  • Downloadable sample songs to help you learn to play.
  • Make your own beats and record them.
  • Playback your music. Visual playback option also available.
  • Supports External MIDI Keyboards over USB

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Perfect Piano Recordings

Different Instrument Modes in Perfect Piano:

  • Guitar: The app has a guitar mode for users who want to learn and play guitar. The app has 3 Guitar sound types namely, Nylon Guitar, Steel String Guitar, and Clean Electric Guitar. You can either select the chords mode or solo mode to play. The app supports external MIDI keyboards (such as YAMAHA P105 or Roland F-120, Xkey) over USB. It also has demo MIDI songs. You can also record to MIDI and playback your recordings in visual playback mode.
  • Piano: Perfect Piano supports full keyboard of Piano. It has many keyboard programs like, Piano, Music Box, Organ, Rhodes, and Synth. You can learn by downloading sample songs and practicing playing them. You can also make music on Android with this app. You can record and playback your music as the app supports MIDI and Audio. This app also allows you to share your recording with friends, or set it as your phone’s ringtone or notification sound.

    Perfect Piano Options

  • Drum Pad and Drum Machine: The app also has a play along feature where you can learn playing the beats of your favorite mp3. The DrumKit includes five programs namely, Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion, and Dance. You can learn demo beats of many music types including Rock, Ballad, Waltz, ChaCha, Polka, Disco, Latin Rock, etc. Multi-touch can be enabled. It also has options to control the pitch and speed of the sounds. Auto play mode is also available. You can record MIDI and playback your beats. You can also set it as your ringtone.

My Final Verdict for this Android App:

Perfect Piano is a great Android app using which you can learn, play and make your own music. It is very easy to use and has loads of downloadable sample songs of easy, medium, and hard levels, using which you can start learning music in a fun way. I use this app in my free time and it makes me feel so refreshed.

Get Perfect Piano here. You can also use the QR Code given below.


Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 3 Average: 2.3]
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