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Real Piano is a free Android Piano app to play piano on Android. This Android Piano app provides a simple piano keyboard. You can easily play piano with two keyboard types which include keyboard with less keys for cell phones and keyboard with more keys for tablets.

Also, this Android Piano app allows you to play with hold and unhold option. Enabling hold button creates a 3D sound and disabling the hold button disables the 3D or surround sound. To change the sound type, you can select from multiple instruments in order to get different sound effect on Android. Real Piano
Real Piano app is not very popular in Google Play Store, but works very well. The app also allows you to record the sound and play it later at any point of time. This gives you the feeling as if you are playing some electric piano instrument.

The good part of this Android Piano app is that, it works with almost all screen resolutions which include cell phones and tablets. Also, the sound output of the piano app sounds similar to real piano instrument.

This Android Piano app is useful for the beginners who want to learn to play piano. Beginners don’t have to spend their money on buying the expensive piano instrument. Just install the free version of Real Piano app and get ready to learn piano on your Android.

Features Of Android Piano App:

  • Play piano on Android.
  • Provides two keyboard types to play on cell phones and tablets. Real Piano app
  • Enable/disable hold button to activate 3D or surround sound.
  • Allow the app to record the piano sound.
  • Multiple instrument sound which includes grand piano, electric piano, synth, organ, acoustic guitar, and more. Multiple Piano Types
  • High quality piano sound.
  • Simple user interface.

Install Real Piano App:

Hit here to download and install Real Piano app from Google Play Store. You can even scan the QR Code below. Real Piano QR Code Real Piano converts your Android to piano instrument which allows you to play piano with ease. Start an easy tutorial to play piano with your Android phone. Also, the app supports all Android firmware version starting from 2.1 and up. You can also check out similar My Piano app and Perfect Piano app for Android.

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Works With: Android 2.1 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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