How To Search Webpage using Regular Expression on Chrome

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Regex Search is a free Google Chrome extension to search a webpage using regular expression. Where normal search option of Chrome lets you search only the text that you have entered, regular expressions, on the other hand, are simply used to match a particular string and to search the information that is relevant to you. You can match whole lines of text, find lines containing certain words, etc.

The extension icon of this Chrome extension opens a small search box using which you can enter the regular expressions. You can also use the hotkey (Alt+Shift+F) to open the search box and enter the regular expression.

search webpage using regular expression

Note: You cannot use this extension on the Chrome Store pages.

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How to Search a Webpage Using Regular Expressions On Chrome:

Just install this extension and it will be ready to use. Click the extension icon or press “Alt + Shift + F” to activate the extension or to open the search box of this extension. Now type the regular expression based on which you want to start the search and press Enter key. Before pressing the enter key, you can also enable the option to start the Case sensitive search.

regex search main

The result shows the number of finds in highlighted yellow color. You can click Next or Prev buttons to move between found results. You can jump to the Next item by pressing Enter key and to find the ‘Previous’ item use Shift + Enter key.

Final Words:

This Chrome Extension is simply great to find something on a webpage using regular expressions. It is mainly useful for the users having good knowledge of regular expressions as they know how to use them for finding the specific item. However, if you have a basic idea about regular expressions, this extension can help you to practice regular expressions and find the results.

You can get Regex Search Chrome Extension from here.

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