How To Automatically Skip Viewed Imgur Images [Chrome]

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This tutorial is about how to automatically skip Imgur images that you have already viewed. Sometimes, you might get irritated while browsing your Imgur account, if you repeatedly see the images or posts that you have already seen. Here comes a solution in the form of a Chrome extension “Seen It”, which auto-skips all the viewed posts. This extension is pretty interesting to use, as you don’t have to look for new posts manually every time you browse Imgur.

Similar to the other Chrome extensions for Imgur, “Seen It” can also be very useful for Imgurians all over the world. No more clicking next to view the new posts, as this extension helps you do so automatically. It stores all the images in its database, that you view on Imgur in order to track and skip them automatically if they repeat. If you want to disable skipping images or storing images, then do not worry as it also offers options to do so. With a single click, it allows you to clear all the stored images.

The following screen recording shows how the extension works.

main screenhsot

Note: No registration required and you can simply install and use it.

How to Automatically Skip Imgur Images That You’ve Already Seen:

Download and install the extension from the link given at the end of this post or from the Google Web Store. Let us see the procedure of skipping images below.

Step 1: As soon as you install this extension, it will get automatically integrated with the Imgur homepage. That means the “Seen It” icon will only be visible on the Imgur web pages. Whenever you will browse your Imgur account, you will be able to see the icon on the search bar. The following screenshot shows the “Seen It’ icon.


Step 2: If you land on any Imgur post which you’ve already viewed, then it will get skipped automatically by this extension. “Seen It” is a simple solution to skip viewed Imgur images and works exactly like we have seen in the above screen recording.

Step 3: As we have already discussed that it also has options to disable skipping images, disable storing images, and clear stored images. All you have to do is click the “Seen It” icon on the search bar to use these options. The following screenshots shows how to enable/disable skipping images or storing images, and clear image history.


My Final Verdict:

Seen It is quite an interesting and useful Chrome extension that automatically skips Imgur posts which are already seen by you. No more finding new posts to view, as you can use this simple extension to do so. Personally, I like this extension and I hope you can also give it a try.

Try this Chrome extension from the link here.

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