DupeGuru Duplicate File Finder to Find Files with Similar Names

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dupeGuru is a handy software to find duplicate files from different folders together and lets you remove them from PC directly from its interface. It lets you find duplicates by applying filename filter, folders filter (to find only same name folders), or with file contents filter. Among these filters, contents filter is the best which finds duplicate files duplicate based on their MD5 hash value. This lets you find duplicate files even if their name is different.

Another interesting use of this software is that it can show you duplicate matching percentage for two files. For example, if two files (say text files) have similar names, then you can find matching percentage for those files in results.

find duplicate files or similar files

Screenshot above shows interface of dupeGuru where you can drag n drop multiple folders to start scanning. From the scanning results, duplicate or similar files can be deleted to recycle bin, or you can move/copy them to a new location.

Similar software that can find duplicate files by content are: Duplicate Cleaner, Duplicate File Finder, and WeeDuplicateDetective.

How To Find Duplicate Files and Similar Files Using dupeGuru?

To find duplicate files with this freeware, download, and install it to your PC. Setup file of dupeGuru is 12 MB in size and download link is present at the end of this review.

Its interface is very simple where you can add multiple folders (including subfolders) either using ‘+‘ button or by dragging and dropping them to its interface. If you need to exclude a folder or subfolder from scanning process, you can either remove it from list, or set its state to excluded mode as well.

set state for a folder

Once folders are added, you can start the scan with default settings. But to make a better scanning, use Preferences option available in View menu to select a filter (contents, folder, or filename), and to adjust other settings. Settings such as:

  • enable/disable ‘match similar words‘ option (if filename filter is applied). It is one of the crucial option that helps to find match percentage for text files, music files etc.
  • ignore files for scanning which are less than 10 KB, 50 KB, etc. (file size selected by you).
  • set filter hardness (a threshold value based on which files will be considered as duplicate). Lower the value, more will be the chances for duplicate files.

    preferences window

Change settings and save them to start the scanning process.

Based on applied settings, scanning results will be provided to you, where original files will be highlighted in Blue color. In results, you will also find matching percentage of duplicate and similar files with original files, file type (mp3, jpg, gif, etc.), and file size also.

dupeGuru- remove duplicate files

If you have to delete duplicate files, then select them by clicking on check box available for each duplicate file, and use Actions menu or right-click menu to delete them.

Other Features Present In This Duplicate File Finder and Remover are:

  • Before deleting the duplicate files, you can open them with associated program or application.
  • If you don’t want to remove duplicate items, you can shift them to a new location as well.
  • You can even apply Dupes only option to view only duplicate files in results.
  • Duplicate results list can be saved to PC for later analysis, in HTML or in CSV file format.


dupeGuru is pretty useful duplicate file remove, because it is not limited to find duplicate images, or any other particular file type only. Any kind of file types are supported in this software and feature of finding exact duplicate files or files with similar names is really helpful.

Get dupeGuru free.

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