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Create Windows tray icons with free Windows tray Icon Creator. This free tool allows users to create their own icons and have them placed in the system tray ready to be used at any time.

When we buy a computer, the standard system has, what the manufacturer believes, are the most important icons available on the taskbar. There are times, however, when we users want more icons available to give us a kind of “short-cut” around the system. For example, if we want to check the computer’s Register Editor, the standard procedure is to type “regedit” in the “Run” option to open the editor.

With an icon as part of the Windows tray icons, opening the Registry Editor can be performed simply with one click of the mouse. Clearly there are many advantages of being able to create Windows tray icons. Windows Tray Icon Creator is a very easy, user-friendly application.

Windows Tray Icon

How to Create Windows Tray Icons:

  • Following the download and set up, select an icon from the list of icons available at in the “Door2Windows Forum” (the application’s creator website).
  • In the open box, type in the “Mouse Hover Tool-tip” for the first tray icon available the name of the icon.
  • In the “Mouse click action” column type the name of the action. For example, if you want the Registry Editor then the mouse action will be “regedit”. Other actions can also be found in the “Door2Windows Forum” website.
  • If you want the application to display Windows tray icons each time you boot up the computer, check the appropriate box.

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Once the above steps have been completed, you will have access to the icons you created directly from the system tray. If, in the event, you wish to hide or delete any particular icon, simply leave the Mouse Hover and “Mouse click action” blank and the icon will disappear.

Windows Tray Icon Creator is indeed a handy application to have for those who want to create Windows tray icons. This application is completely free and should you run into difficulties setting up the application, users are able to contact the maker and ask for assistance. Download free here.

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