9 Websites to Get Free Job Offer Letter Template

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Here’s a list of 9 websites to get free offer job letter template. These website provide you with free job offer letter templates and some of them even have templates for specific jobs. You can also make changes to any of these templates as per your choice. The websites provide all templates in commonly found formats like Word or PDF. You can view and edit them using Word alternatives or PDF editors.

So let’s get started.

1. Tidyform:


Tidyform is the first website in this list to get free job offer letter template. There are three job offer letter templates for you to check out. All the templates have preset fields like employee name, employer name, job description, salary package details, and various other details related to the offer. The fields which you need to fill according to you are either left blank or pre-written in Red color. The downloading of the template is very easy. All you need is to click on the Download button and that’s it. The template will be downloaded to your PC.

2. Vertex 42:

Vertex 42

Vertex 42 is the second website and it offers one job offer template. There are various preset fields which you can customize as per your preference. Some of them are company name, address, date, recipient name, recipient address, job description, and field for signing the document. Besides the template, Vertex 42 also offers tips for writing a job offer letter.

3. Business Victoria:

Business Victoria

The job offer template provided by Business Victoria is pretty awesome. The template is spread across 17 pages with the first few pages about how to use the template. The whole job offer is divided across different sections like Private and Confidential Information, Contract of Employment, Commencement Date, Location, Position, Term, Probationary Period, Remuneration, and other fields. You can edit them as per your need and requirement.

4. Startup Donut:

Startup Donut

The website Startup Donut provides you with one but good enough job offer template. The whole template is 4 page long and includes all the important aspects of a job offer. All the fields which remain same are written with Black color fonts while the ones which needed to be changed as per the choice are in Red color fonts. This makes it easier for you to distinguish between what is needed to be changed and what can remain the same.

5. Go2Hr:


Go2Hr is the fifth website in the list to get free job offer template. There is only one job offer template which is only one page long. In the template, you will find the fields to enter name, address, date, description, and other details. At the bottom, there are fields for signature, name, date, and name of the authorized signatory.

6. Template.net:

Template.net is the next website in the list with 6+ job offer templates. The template can be downloaded easily by clicking the download button. This website as the name suggests has a huge database of templates from various categories. You can make changes to the template as per your need and requirement. The various offer letters you will find on this website are temporary employment offer letter, job employment offer letter, employment offer thank you letter, employment offer acceptance letter etc.

7.  ALAS:


ACAS is the seventh website and it has 3 types of job offer letter templates: Hiring staff, Managing staff, and Disciplining staff. For the selected staff, you can further choose template on the basis of your purpose: Job description, Person specification, Job application forms, Equal opportunity monitoring, Written statement employment, and Setting of a new employee. Each of these templates has its own set of fields.

8. Workable:


Workable offers you 8 job offer letter templates that you can use under any circumstance. The webpage also includes a few lines about how an offer letter should be. The letter part is pretty much taken care of. All other important things related to a job offer will need to be filled in at the blanks given in the letter. You can find templates like formal offer letter, informal offer letter, part time job offer letter, internal job offer, sales job offer, etc.

9. BetterTeam:


BetterTeam is the final website in the list to get free job offer letter template. This website also offers you various formats of job offer letters like formal job offer letter, informal job offer letter, informal job offer email template, job offer warm up email template, etc. Conditions and agreements to be included in the job letter can also be found on this website. The format of the letter is pretty much there all you have to do is fill in the blanks with your own details.

These are the 9 websites to get free job offer letter template. Check them out to see which one suits your needs the best.

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