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reSRC (abbreviation used in this website for resource) is a free website to get links for free eBooks and tutorials for programming. Whether you want to learn C++, JavaScript, Python, Android programming, or any other programming, you will find some good links of resources from where you can get programming tutorials and eBooks.

There are mainly three categories available in the database of this website: Links, Lists, and Tags.

Links provide links of source locations (or you can say homepage) for available topics that are related to programming. On the other hand, Lists contain links for multiple tutorials and programming books. Clicking on a particular link will explore all the links from where those books/tutorials can be downloaded.

Tags are quite useful to quickly find out links for books, videos, and tutorials related to a particular programming language. Thus, this website provides a huge database of links that can direct you to programming topics, tutorials, and eBooks.

Find free eBooks and tutorials for programming

In above screenshot, you can see its homepage where it will show you best lists, mostly used tags, latest links, and hottest links for programming languages.

You can use this website to find programming resources without any sign up. However, signing in with this website will help you to create your own list(s) to add URLs of programming resources and like a link/list for later reading.

sign up to create own list and add links for later reading

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How To Get Links for Free eBooks and Tutorials for Programming Using This Website?

Access its homepage with the help of link placed at the end of this review. Create your free account with a username, email id, and password.

register for free account

After this, you can click on reSRC option to see all the latest links, hottest links, and best lists available in the database of this website.

reSRC option to view all latest links, best lists, and tags

To filter these options, you can simply use Links option, Tags option, or Lists option, available at top of the webpage. For example, clicking on Links option will show you latest links, most appreciated links, and hottest links for programming. Similarly, lists option will explore all the links for programming, and each individual link will further contain multiple links related to a particular topic.

Links option

Apart from just using links and lists, it also helps to find programming resources based on tags. Book, python, Git, Java, JavaScript, graphics programming, algorithms, framework, PHP, Java, and lots of tags are available to search resources for programming. For example, clicking on Java will explore all the topics and tutorial links, books, and other links related to Java available in the database of this website.

explore tags list

Total number of links available with each tag will also be visible to you.


reSRC provides a great platform to quickly find the resources that will help you for programming. From beginners to advanced programmers, this website is a boon. For different programming languages, there are multiple links, tags, and lists are available that will direct you to source location for programming.

Try reSRC free.

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