UNICEF Educational Resource For Teachers: TeachUNICEF

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TeachUNICEF is a free online educational resource for teachers, initiated by UNICEF. The education resources on the site have been designed and collected by US Fund for UNICEF’s Education Department.

TeachUNICEF provides the educational material for teachers, that can be used to educate children, and create awareness about various critical global problems, like: poverty, child labor, armed conflict, water crisis, health, etc. This site gives different educational resources, such as, lesson plans, articles, audios, videos, etc. that explain the consequences, and other steps taken to control the crisis.

Here, lesson plans can be considered as the guidelines for the teachers to use the other contents (like: articles, audios, etc.) in a more effective and planned manner to educate students about the world problems.

TeachUNICEF Homepage

Being a program of UNICEF, you can rely on the content available, and you get the ratings with the each content on the site. You can also rate the content to help in the improvisation of site.

And of course, everything is completely free.

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How To Use UNICEF Educational Resource?

You can use the link available at the end of this review to reach the homepage of TeachUNICEF. This site doesn’t require any signup or registration to use its study content.

On the homepage, you get some featured lessons that you can click on to start. To checkout more topics, click on “Topic”, and it will show you all the available topics. You can view the topics categorized according to grades by clicking on “Grades” option. You can click on any of the topics to view their short description

TeachUNICEF Topics

For example, lets choose “Armed Conflicts”. Now, click on “go to topic” available under the topic description, to read more on the selected topic.  It will open a new page, that will contain all the educational resources.

At the top, it offers a brief intro to the topic, and a video that shows about a teenage girl Martha, who lost her parents in war. Below it, you get four sections: Plan, Read, Watch, and Listen.

TeachUNICEF Armed Conflicts

  • Plan: This section contain some PDF files, that contain the guidance for the teachers to plan the delivery of that topic to the students. These files will inform you about the method to be adopted, time expected, assessment, and other details to educate student on the that topic.
  • Read: Read sections contains articles for study purpose on that topic (maybe in more than one language), that you can teach to the students. These articles are also available in PDF format.
  • Watch: This section is collection of videos on that particular topic. These video may contain interviews of victims, steps taken in improvisation of the situations, etc.
  • Listen: Listen section provides recording from UNICEF radio on that particular topic. Like videos, they may be explaining the aftermath of the some issues, or expected outcomes of some problems, and other such related topics.

To checkout the other programs of UNICEF and to know how you can contribute to them, go to “Take Action” tab on site.

TeachUNICEF Take Actions

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UNICEF is perhaps the best and most influential global organization working for the education of Children. TeachUNICEF is its another step to create awareness among children through education against some critical global issues.

Being a world wide organization, the issues it covers are not bound to particular region or language. Most of the articles and other content are available in the French and Spanish as well. The collection of articles, audios, and videos on the site is appreciable. I must admit that some of the videos are really very touching and inspirational. This just goes on to show how concerning these issues are for humanity.

Go to TeachUNICEF.

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