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Things On Reddit is a free website to see weird things recommended on Reddit. By weird, I mean funny or amusing or even weird products that people post on Reddit. You will find all kinds of items that people recommend on Reddit. Some useful and some not so useful. Really depends on what you find useful.

The weird products recommended are mostly picked up from Amazon. The website scrapes data from comments made by users on Reddit. Below you will find how the products displayed on this website are chosen from Reddit.

How are the displayed items chosen?

Items displayed on this website uses comment database of Reddit and mines the comments for links to Amazon. The website analyzes the comments that get a score of more than 1. Once that is done, the links are parsed and the data is scraped from Amazon. Once it is determined that the link is a product, other data about the product is scraped as well like meta data. So not all links from Amazon are included. Only the once which have a good comment score are included.

Let’s look at this website and items found on it:

Go to this website using the link given at the end of this article. When you open the website you will see an interface like the one seen in the screenshot above.

You will see a search box on the top of the page, where you can type in your search query. You can also browse the website by popular or featured categories. There are lots of categories mentioned on the website. You can browse the category that interests you.

Like the above screenshot shows the DIY category and all the products listed under it. You can scroll through the page to see all the products listed.

Each product you see has a title or name, with a small image. Along with the image you will also see a price for this product. You can see the date it was posted on and number of mentions or comments received by the product.

You can read all the comments the product received and then view the item on Amazon website. Most of the links you click are affiliate link to Amazon. After all the website needs to make money as well.


Things On Reddit is a fun website where you can see weird items recommended by people on Reddit. These recommended items are products on Amazon. You will find products in various categories to go through. There is a popular and featured products section as well if you do not want to browse the website. Overall, you will find lots of weird and hilarious products and even more hilarious comments on them. So check it out.

Check out Things On Reddit website here.

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