Online Tool To Improve Good Habits: Chains

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Chains is a free online web application to improve your good habits. Create tasks, follow the chain, and mark them when done to adopt good habits.

Chains is a motivational tool based on the motto “Don’t break the Chain”. This web application will ultimately keep your good habits alive and kill your bad habits. Pin your good habits in this website and mark them everyday when you complete the task. Make a bigger chain and feel proud about it.

About Chains:

Chains is simple web application, where you can mark your daily progress of a good habit. Each day when you complete a task or good habit then just mark your chain. As the chain grows longer, you will be motivated to grow it even bigger and ultimately you will adopt good habits. You can edit your own tasks and customize them accordingly.

Steps To Adopt Good Habits:

Let’s check the steps on how to use Chains:

Step 1: Login to the website by creating a new user or use your Facebook account to login.

Step 2: You will be requested to enter your time zone and it’s mandatory.

Step 3: You will see the Homepage as shown below.

chains good habits

Step 4: Double click on the bubble shaped task to add a task.

Step 5: If you want to customize the colors and days click on the wheel button (marked in blue in the above screenshot.

Step 6: Then you will see a pop up feature like shown in below screenshot.

chains settings

Step 7: Mark the days to skip those days in your task list. You can change the skin of the completed task chain appearance. Choose your color from those five colors to represent your task. Finally click update settings to make changes to your task appearances.

Step 8: Click on add new chain button to add new chains or tasks.

Step 9: Customize and add tasks in your own style (below screenshot is an example of tasks that I have created)

chains good habits tasks

Step 10: Click on the circles below the particular task after you have completed doing them (the tasks marked will be represented in dull color and uncompleted tasks will be bright enough to poke you to do it).

So, do the task and mark them to make a big chain. You can also add tasks like “Leave Smoking” and mark the number of days you didn’t smoke to make a big chain and improve your health.

Features Of Chains:

Let’s have a look at the features of this tool:

  • Chains is very simple to use and get started right away.
  • Start completing tasks and just click on those holes.
  • The tasks can be customized easily with a simple click on the wheel button.
  • You can also update the status of your good habits to Facebook if you have completed doing the task for a week.

brag on fb

Ultimate conclusion of this application is that it is simple and useful. Kind of motivational tool for improving good habits or leaving bad habits alternatively. You can also try Do It Tomorrow.

Click here to Visit Chains.

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