Free Website To Turn Pictures To LEGO Bricks Mosaic

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BrickAPic is a free website to turn pictures in LEGO bricks mosaic. This website lets you upload any picture, and then converts it into a LEGO bricks mosaic.

LEGO is universally known, but in case you are unaware about LEGO, it is a famous construction toys line from The LEGO Group of Denmark. It consists of interlocking plastic bricks and other parts which can be assembled and connected with each other to create wider range of objects (Source: Wikipedia). LEGO is a very popular toy product chain and this website gives you the opportunity to see yourself being turned into a LEGO toy.

You can choose to create LEGO brick mosaic of either 16*16 or 32*32 size. The website also lets you move picture and set it at any angle. You can also choose whether you want to use any colors or only LEGO colors for creating the mosaic. The website saves all your mosaics for 48 hours, but there is also an option for saving it forever online. You can download your mosaic to PC and share a unique URL with anyone to view it online.

LEGO Brick Mosaic

Note: The website also has feature in which it tells the steps to create your LEGO brick mosaic in reality, but it costs $5.

Using This Website to Turn Pictures in LEGO Bricks Mosaic:

Go to website using the link given at the end of this review. On the landing page, you will see the interface as shown in screenshot below. The option for uploading photo is present on the left side. It will open a dialog box which you can use to locate the picture on your system. On uploading the picture, you will see the preview of image on left side. The corresponding LEGO Brick mosaic is at right side.

BrickAPic Interface

You can zoom in and out of the photo using + and – option and the third one is for rotating it at 90 degrees. Whatever change you make in preview image, you can see the same in LEGO Brick mosaic at right side, and that too in real time.

Preview Options

Other than these changes, there are a few changes which you can make from LEGO Brick mosaic side as well. You can see that there are two options at top right: Drag and View Mode.

Mosaic Options

  • Drag: This option lets you drag the mosaic at any angle, just like a 3D model. You only have to click on the mosaic and then drag it in the direction and angle you want it to move.
  • View Mode: This option is for placing the mosaic in either straight and angled mode. If the mosaic is already placed at some angle, then click on the option to get it straight. If the mosaic is already straight, then click on the option to place it to some random angle.

When you adjust your picture and LEGO brick mosaic as per your choice, then you can choose the size (16*16 or 32*32) and colors (only LEGO colors or colors of your picture) for the mosaic. After this you have to enter email address (optional) and click on FINISHED button.

Settings for Saving Mosaic

The website will display the option to download it, along with an unique URL to share it with others.

Download and Sharing Options

If you don’t enter email address then you will get a URL for your LEGO brick mosaic and it will be stored only for next 48 hours. If you enter email address then you will receive a mail from website which also includes steps to save your mosaic for longer period of time.

Options to Save Mosaic Forever

In mail, you get an URL which you need to click. The link will redirect you to a page from where you can choose to save the LEGO brick mosaic forever, download it, and unique URL to share with others.

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Final Verdict:

BrickAPic is a really awesome website to turn pictures to LEGO Bricks Mosaic. I really loved using this website and all mosaics really resemble LEGO bricks. This website is definitely a must try website for all LEGO fans out there. Do give it a try to get your own LEGO Bricks mosaic.

Try BrickAPic here.

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