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Flashcard Monkey is a really useful free visual flashcard website to strengthen SAT vocabulary. Simple and easy to use, Flashcard Monkey consists of a listing of a little over 500 most common words tested in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). However, it makes the learning these words (and their meanings) a lot more intuitive by using visual flashcards. This means that Flashcard Monkey details the meaning of each word listed in its database by a unique visual flashcard, that provides a quick meaning of the word. In addition, it also provides some relevant information regarding some words (for example, in case of the word IBM, it displays the company’s logo). Flashcard Monkey also lists other important aspects and details about the word (meaning, abbreviated usage according to dictionary notation etc.) as well. Sounds like something you could use for your SAT vocabulary preparation? Head past the break to find out more.

Flashcard Monkey header

Flashcard Monkey: The Website

The best part about Flashcard Monkey is its sheer simplicity of usage. There are no complicated menus, navigation panes, free accounts, or anything of that sort. The moment you head over to the website (which is simple enough to load rocket fast even on a dial up connection), it’s instantly available to use. Here’s how it looks like:

flashcard monkey mainui

Isn’t quite that simple? That’s all what you get on  Flashcard Monkey’s website. As illustrated by the above screenshot, the website just consists of a visual flashcard (which look quite pretty, resembling cute caricatures). The visual flashcard also lists the usage of the word it’s associated with in a simplified sentence (with the relevant word underlined). Below that, the meaning of the word is also listed. Apart from that, there are just three navigation textual buttons that help you move from one word to another. These are previous, random, and next (Having pretty much self-explanatory meanings). That’s all there’s to it. Easy-peasy!

How to use this Free Visual Flashcard Website To Strengthen SAT Vocabulary?

Using Flashcard Monkey’s free visual flashcards to supercharge your preparation for Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is really easy. There are no accounts, profiles, or anything of that sort. You can straightaway get started with your preparation. Here’s how to do it:

Head over to Flashcard Monkey’s website. You’ll be presented with a random visual flashcard. Once a visual flashcard is displayed, well, just take a look at it and the visual information it conveys. Each visual flashcard illustrates the word’s meaning and its usage in a sentence through cool looking caricatures. To move over to the next word, simply click Next. If you’ve forgotten what the previous word was and would like to take a look at it again, simply click Previous. To see random words (and of course, their visual flashcards), simply click Random.

That’s just about it. I don’t think it can get any simpler than that!

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Flashcard Monkey is a really useful free visual flashcard website to strengthen SAT vocabulary. It’s really simple, and does what it’s supposed to. Through its usage of fun-looking visual flashcards, it makes for a really engrossing learning experience. Do give Flashcard Monkey a try, it just might be what you need to get that perfect SAT vocabulary score.

Try Flashcard Monkey Here.

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