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Trademarkia is an awesome free website to search for patents, trademarks, logos and more. Essentially, Trademarkia is a visual search engine cataloging a vast database (more than 6 million) of trademarks, logos, brand names etc. on the Internet. You can use Trademarkia to search for pretty much any trademark, brand name etc., out there to find out related information such as the trademark status (registered, abandoned etc.), application filing date, and classification. In addition to that, you can also search for the availability of domain names and social media usernames on almost all major social networks. You can even file a patent or trademark registration application directly from Trademarkia, by opting for one of their paid level services. Sounds like something you could use for your brand? Let’s find out more.


Trademarkia: The Website

Since Trademarkia is a website, it can be directly used for searching (and filing registration applications) for patents, trademarks etc. Although you still need to create a (free) account if you want to use any of the paid level services (e.g. filing trademark registration application, placing an order for logo design), basic search operations don’t need an account, and can be done without registration just fine.

Here’s how Trademarkia looks like:

trademarkia ui

As illustrated by the above screenshot, Trademarkia’s website is a simple and straightforward one. Although it’s filled with quite a bit of information, but that’s not what we are looking for. Our main concern is the option to search for patents, trademarks, etc. As seen above, Trademarkia features a big search bar front and center, which can be used to search for patents, trademarks etc. Above that are a number of selection tabs, which can be used to select what exactly you want to search for. You can select from patents, trademarks, domains, logos, social media usernames etc. Apart from that, there’s just standard links to things like FAQ, signup and login, and things like that.

How To Search For Patents, Trademarks, Logos And More Using Trademarkia?

Using Trademarkia to search for any patents, trademarks, logos (and relevant information associated with them) is essentially very easy. Here’s a little step by step tutorial anyway, to get you started:

Step 1: Select what exactly do you want to search for, by clicking on one of the tabs on the top. As mentioned before, you can select from patents, trademarks, domains etc.

select search

Step 2: Once you’ve selected the search item, simply enter it the search bar and hit the Search button.

search results

That’s it. As illustrated above, Trademarkia will immediately return all the relevant matching search results. The search result listings denote information such as the trademark name, goods and service it’s used for, primary class (or category) under which trademark is filed, and the trademark’s current status. If you want to find out detailed information about the trademark (or anything else searched for), simply click on the desired search listing.

Step 3: Similarly, if you want to search for domains, you can do so by clicking the Domain tab. You can see which domains are available for registration, and can also directly purchase them from here:

domain search result

Pretty simple, right? To search for available social media usernames, follow the same procedure as above, after clicking the Social tab. As simple as that!

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Trademarkia is a nifty free website to search for patents, trademarks, logos and more. It’s simple and easy to use, and features a comprehensive search functionality. The fact that it has a listing of more than 6 million registered trademarks, logos etc., makes it a must have tool for anyone looking to protect their intellectual property rights. Add to it extra goodies like ability to search for social usernames etc., and Trademarkia gets even better. Do give it a try, it just might be what your business needs.

Try Trademarkia Here.

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