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[Total: 1 Average: 4] is a free website blocker for you to block social networking sites or any other site on your computer. You can block particular sites, or the entire internet. You can even schedule time to block internet / websites. The best part is that you can manage the complete website blocking schedule online from anywhere. So, if you have kids at your home, you can also use this as a basic parental control tool.

The free version of this web application is enough for you to block the distracting websites and lets you finish your work properly. You may know of other free website blocker software like ANY WEBLOCK, which restricts the distracting websites, but is way ahead of all. You can block the whole internet for the particular session rather than selecting some websites if you want. With an easy sign-up process, you can easily register, and block websites.

If you try to open a blocked website during the ongoing session, it stops the website to load and displays an error page. You can input specific time to for website block or internet block.

Update (28th Feb 2017): This service is paid now.

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How This Website Blocker Works

You just have to free sign-up at, download its web client to your system, and log in to get started. The simple steps for using this free website blocker application are:

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Select Device

You have to select and add your device to work with this free web application. The free version only allows a single device to be added.

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Schedule Time to Block Websites or Complete Internet

You can select the session time for blocking the websites or the whole internet. Your blocked websites will not load till the session ends. With the free version of, you have the only choice to start your session immediately, and cannot be delayed. The session needs to be started immediately for blocking task.



You can make your own block list. You can add from given list of social networking site, or all of them. Also, you can add Url of the particular website needed to be blocked. Apart from these, you can totally block all the content from the internet completely till the session ends.


Interesting Features of Freedom Website Blocker

  • It has a simple and easy method of free sign-up.
  • It is pretty easy to use
  • You have the liberty to block internet fully and do your work without getting distracted.
  • You can get help from articles in Freedom Support Center in the case of any problem with the blocking process. Also, you can send a query to its technical team.

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Final Verdict is a good and free website blocker application among its category. With its interesting feature to internet block along with blocking specific websites, it is one step ahead of other website blockers. It gives you time to work peacefully without any distractions from websites. You can just add websites to your block list with, and continue doing your work.

However, with all these features, it has certain limitations as well. As it is a free version, you cannot delay the blocking sessions. Once the session starts, you or anyone else cannot access the blocked website or the internet. This means that you have to wait until the session completes. You can add only a single device with the free version. You cannot block websites if you are running the Hola service. I hope that maybe in future, these problems might go. But I should say, it is still a good and free web application to block the distracting websites. You can work without being distracted with

Try here.

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[Total: 1 Average: 4]
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