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yTimer is a free countdown timer software to set multiple countdown timers together. With each timer, you can specify an alarm sound. You can also specify a custom action to be performed when the countdown time is over. You can set a timer to run a specific file (which means you can launch any program when the time comes), or open a specific URL. You can set the name of the reminder as well so that you can be reminded of the task specifically at the specified time. The timer could be set as a countdown timer or with a specific time and you have the choice to switch between them. If you have multiple short interval tasks, then you can even set instant timers of 30 sec, 1 min, 5 min, or specify it.

This countdown timer software lets you add upto 40 countdown timers together. If you are the person who usually remains involved in multitasking simultaneously and need to be reminded of the prioritized tasks, then this could be a free countdown timer software you could try. It is portable and very small in size.

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Free yTimer To Set Countdown Timers Upto 40 Blocks

How to Set Multiple Countdown Timers with free yTimer

Step1: The interface of this free countdown timer software has 4 groups of 10 countdown timers each (1-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40) . You choose any of the timers to set the countdown timer.

  • Each timer has a title bar where you can enter the name of the reminder to be shown.  A pop-up window will display the name of the countdown timer once the countdown finishes.
  • You have the option to specify countdown time in terms of absolute time at which the countdown would be over (like, at 1:35 P.M.), or you can set countdown in terms of time duration (like, 4 hours 5 minutes). You can switch between these easily, and you can separately set these up for each countdown timer. So, you could have a few countdown timers that are running based on absolutely time, which some other might be running based on time duration you specified.

Set Time In Blocks In Different Formats.

Step2: The countdown timers can be associated with an audio alarm and to open a file or a URL on your PC.

  • For setting up an alarm, you have to check the box before “A” in the block. Unchecking the box will deactivate the alarm. The alert is associated with an audio of an alarm clock. You can also check the volume of alarm with test volume button at the bottom of the interface.
  • For specifying a URL or File, you first have to tick the box before “R” in the block. As you will press the start button, a pop-up window will ask you to specify which file or URL to be opened at the completion of the countdown. It is quite a cool feature as you don’t have to bother to open up the file or the URL for your task.

Set Audio Alarm and specify to open a file or Url

Step3: If you have multiple tasks to do in a very short interval of time, then you can set the instant timers by pressing buttons for 30 sec, 1 min, 5 min, or  Ns (custom time in seconds). You cannot specify the name of the reminder with this option and by default instant timer will be shown in the place of reminder name. Instant Timers are helpful in doing petty things in short time as you are kept reminding of doing the task.

Set instant timer for short intervals

Features of this Free Countdown Timer with Multiple Timers:

  • Upto 40 multiple Countdown timers can be set as reminders
  • D:H:M:S and H:M:S formats available for setting countdown timers which can be switched in between.
  • Set up instant timers for short intervals.
  • Option to open up a file from hard disk or URL from the web when the countdown completes.
  • Pop-Up window with the name of the reminder.
  • Portable and simple layout.

My View

For any person who sits by his computer doing multiple tasks, forgetting a few of them is a common thing. But sometimes these tasks can be too important to forget. I used to forget a lot of important things while doing different tasks on my system. Sometimes, these lists of forgotten tasks would be very long. In a situation like this, free yTimer software comes in handy.

Its a unique feature to add upto 40 timers along with specifying the names of the reminder, leaves me with no task to forget. Also, it has a straightforward layout which is easy to understand even for a person who has a very little knowledge about it. All the timers show the countdown of the remaining time to the time specified for reminder which is a cool thing. It can open up my files on my PC or a URL after the countdown has finished, which is of great help to me.

However, the only thing it lacks is that there is no settings or help panel in case of any problem. I must say, with 4o countdown timer blocks to set, yTimer is one step ahead of others in its segment.

Try Free yTimer Here.

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