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Reedsy is a free website to write a book and export it in ePub or PDF format. This website lets you easily write a book, organize it in the form of sections, get proofreading help from experts (paid), and even get the book published (expert help and publishing are paid features, though).

If you have a passion for writing and want to be an author, then Reedsy is one of the free online platforms you can try. Though many of features like editing, inserting images, insert chapter break etc., are not available as  this free book writing website is still being developed, but still the features that are available provide a pretty good book writing experience.

You may be familiar with other book editors like Gitbook, Booktype etc., but Reedsy may gain popularity in the near future.

Just Sign Up for free and start writing. Take advice from other authors and marvel in book writing.

How To Write A Book Online With Reedsy

After registering for free on Reedsy, you need to specify whether you are an author or a freelancer. Based on your choice, you can write a book as a writer or articles as a freelancer. You can start by giving the title of the book, along with adding chapters to it. You can import work of other available authors, to take help from their writing (it’s a paid feature). The page settings buttons are there to set the format, text size, and font style of your pages.

How to write a book with reedsy

Features of this free online book writing platform

My Books:

It basically maintains all your written books. You can view, edit and delete them if you wish. You can continue writing your incomplete book from here or start a new one. You can also manage your books by hiring professionals from the market directly.

View your books


You can create chapters while writing the book. The previous chapters can be viewed back and edited if needed. You can arrange your chapters as per content of your book.

write and select chapters


You can export your books. It proves very helpful for future proofreading and publishing. The exported book is sent to your e-mail from where you can download it. You can forward it to a publisher or do further addition to the content of the book. You can use export options to add more subheadings to your table of contents. While you export, you can insert your ISBN number of your book for ePub and MOBI formats.

Export your book.


It is mainly an online commercial platform for Reedsy to hire or get hired as a professional for writing, editing an article or a book. If you hire a professional you have to pay and if you are hired you will get paid.

Hire professionals from marketplace

Profile Panel:

On the profile panel, you can see information about My Books, MarketPlace, Requests, Finances, Statistics etc. You can also edit your profile from here and manage your Reedsy account with it.

well organised profile panel

 My Verdict For Reedsy

Writing a book or an article as a freelancer is always a good passion for some. I am a content writer by profession but sometimes I like to write short stories too. For me, free Reedsy serves as a good online platform to start a book. As it is an online platform, I can access my profile anywhere and continue my work. However, Reedsy is still in developing phase. Many features like editing, inserting images, insert chapter break, insert scene break, index addition, and versions are not available.

Despite all these cons, I should say Reedsy is free and good online platform to start writing a book. I just hope more features are added soon. It’s worth giving a shot at book writing for free.

Try Reedsy here.

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