5 Websites To Check Flight Status

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Here, is a list of 5 websites to check flight status for free.

Internet has become a popular medium to find information on anything, and like anything else, it can provide information on flight status also. If you are planning to take flight to somewhere or waiting for someone who is coming from flight, you can search internet for the flight timings and status information.

There are some websites that provide full information on flights all over the world. To make it easier for you to know the status of any flight, we have found some websites that you can visit to know the flight status in a jiffy. These websites provide detailed information on flight status (scheduled, delayed, departed, in air, expected, diverted, landed, canceled, etc.) scheduled arrival, scheduled departure, estimated gate arrival, airline summary, fleet map, and lot more!

Let’s have a look on these websites, one by one.

FlightView’s Flight Tracker:

flightview flight tracker

FlightView is a free website where you can track flight departures, flight arrivals, delays, and other information regarding flights. It runs a real-time flight tracking system called Flight Tracker, which provides information on departure and arrival status of all commercial flights in the United States, Caribbean, and Canada. It can also track international flights terminating in or originating from North America. Flight Tracker collects information directly from airports and airlines and also shows flight tracking maps based on real-time info.

To check the flight status on FlightView’s Flight Tracker, you need to either enter the flight number or enter the departure and arrival airport. Once entered, you can press the “Track Flight” button to know flight status. After you press the button, Flight Tracker will display information about your flight.

Flight Tracker provides all necessary details regarding flight status including scheduled departure, scheduled arrival, terminal or gate number on which the flight is arriving or departing from, and some extra flight details. FlightView’s Flight Tracker is a nice service to check flight status and a must try one.

Try Here: Click here to visit FlightView’s Flight Tracker.


flightstats lufthansa
flightstats lufthansa

FlightStats  is another free website that helps you to track flights all over the world. It’s a nice website that provides information on flights, airports, airlines, and flight delays. You can check flight status, flight availability, flight schedules, seat availability, flight fares, and on-time performance rating of various flights on FlightStats.

FlightStats provide flexible ways to track flights and check flight status. You can search for the flight either by entering the flight number, or airport, or route. Once you enter the information, you will be provided with details on the flight’s current status, scheduled departure, scheduled arrival, departure/arrival terminal, and other relevant information. You can also download a copy of this information as a zip file, or set flight alerts for status and arrival notifications.

Try Here: Click here to visit FlightStats.

Flight Aware:


Next in the list is Flight Aware, which is a free flight tracking service for both commercial and private flights in over 45 countries, including US. It integrates around 50 data sources worldwide, and provides real-time information on flight status. Apart from that, Flight Aware is also available as an app for Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

Flight Aware provides an intuitive and highly-responsive interface that makes it an easy-to-use flight-tracking application. It provides live flight data,  flight planning, fuel prices, airport delays, FBO reservations, weather maps, navigation charts, and lot of other information.

To know the flight status, you just have to provide airline and flight number or the origin and destination airport code/name. Flight Aware will then display information on flight’s current status, scheduled arrival, scheduled departure, total flight duration, and departing/arriving terminal. Apart from that, it displays graphs covering geographical view of the flight path.

Flight Aware is a powerful flight tracking service. Try it out to get real-time information on flight status.

Try Here: Click here to visit Flight Aware.



MakeMyTrip is a free website where you can book flights, hotels, railway tickets, and bus tickets. It’s a popular travel site that offers discounted price on flight tickets and displays updated flight status of domestic as well as international flights. MakeMyTrip has localized sites for India, United States, Canada, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates.

To check the status of a particular flight, you need to scroll down on the homepage of MakeMyTrip. There on the left panel under customer services, you will see a “Check Flight Status” link. Go ahead and click on that link to open check flight status window. There you have to enter either airline and flight or arrival and departure airport to check flight status. Once you enter the details, you will be provided with information on flight’s current status, flight duration, scheduled departure, actual departure, scheduled arrival, actual arrival, and historic on-time performance.

MakeMyTrip provides real-time information on flight status and if you are looking for a website to know flight status, you must give it a try.

Try Here: Click here to visit MakeMyTrip.



Last but not the least, Cleartrip is a simple travel site that lets you check flight status. The website focuses on simplicity and reliability, and provides information on flight status, air tickets, flight bookings, hotel bookings, and train reservations. It lets you find flights to and from international destinations across the world, and check their status information.

Apart from that, you can view air-fare calenders, air-fare graphs, and customize email alerts to get best deals on flights.

As I have told earlier, Cleartrip focuses on simplicity, and hence searching flight status on Cleartrip.com is not a big deal. You can search for domestic or international flights just by entering a departure destination city/airport and arrival destination city/airport from around the world. Cleartrip then immediately provide results on various flights scheduled for that range, along with their current status, arrival/departure timings, and gate information (if available). Or you can simply enter the airline and flight number to get status information of a particular flight.

Cleartrip is a nice travel site that not only provides information on flights, but also let you check train timings of Indian Railways. Visit Cleartrip and give it a try.

Try Here: Click here to visit Cleartrip.com.

These are some of my favorite websites to check flight status. If you know something better, do let me know in comments.

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