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There are lot of popular CMS, like, WordPress, Joomla, etc. And there are many wiki software. Banana Dance is an innovative software that is a combination of both: It is a CMS software, that has wiki features as well. So, you can create versatile posts, and add wiki style features as well. Banana Dance is open source, and completely free. It requires PHP, MySQL, and a web server to work – most of the hosting providers already provide this configuration.

Frankly, I am not aware of any other free software that combines both CMS and Wiki features (though, I am sure there would be a few out there). So, I believe Banana Dance fills an important void.

Here are some of the features of Banana Dance:

Banana Dance

  • You can compose web pages in article style using HTML, or use wiki style.
  • It provides many user management features as well, like, user registration, user types, etc.
  • Banana Dance provides commenting features as well. Comments are threaded to show them in a logical order. It also has features to add ratings to comments, and classify comments.
  • Banana Dance comes with pre-set themes to easily integrate Banana Dance with your website.
  • It takes care of SEO aspects of articles as well.

To see a live example of Banana Dance, just go to Banana Dance website. The website itself is created in Banana Dance. Apart from that, it also has demo to see and try some of the features of Banana Dance.

I did not try Banana Dance myself, but the demo seems pretty interesting. If you are thinking about setting a website in which you are looking for features of a Content Management System, as well as Wiki, you can check out Banana Dance.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: MySQL, PHP, Apache
Free/Paid: Free

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