Solve Sudoku With These Step by Step Sudoku Solver Websites

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This article covers best free step by step Sudoku Solver websites. These websites help you solve Sudoku puzzles step by step. You can start with a random puzzle or can replicate one from a newspaper or other sources.

These step by step Sudoku solver use various Sudoku solving strategies to solve a puzzle. Some of these also have options to select the Sudoku solving strategies. You can see every step back and forth to understand the strategy behind it. In case, you need it, all of these Sudoku solver websites can also solve Sudoku puzzle completely in a single step. You can read more about Sudoku and all its terminologies here.

Check out these free Sudoku Apps for Windows 10. You can also play Sudoku in Google Chrome web browser; for that, try these free Sudoku Extensions for Chrome.

Here Are 5 Best Free Step By Step Sudoku Solver Websites:


Sudoku-Solutions is an online step by step Sudoku solver utility. This website has more than 3,000 free Sudoku puzzles of various difficulty levels that you can practice. You can also seed numbers to replicate any 9×9 Sudoku or upload a Sudoku file and see how it is solved step by step. You can show/hide candidate values in empty cells. This Sudoku solver also has ‘Hint‘ button which highlights a cell along with its candidate values to give you a hint to solve the puzzle.

Sudoku-Solution has 3 options to solve the puzzle:

Solve Cell: To solve the puzzle step by step.

Partially Solve: To partially solve the puzzle based on selected preferences in the Preferences tab.

Solve: To solve the puzzle completely in a single instance.

Sudoku-Solutions: step by step sudoku solver

This Sudoku solver uses hidden set and naked set strategies to solve the puzzle. After solving a puzzle, you can save it as a text file to your computer. You can also print a puzzle at any point whether it’s an unsolved, partially solved or completely solved puzzle.

Try Sudoku-Solution, a step by step Sudoku Solver here.


Sudoku9x9 is an online Sudoku solver with step by step instructions. It uses hidden set and naked set strategies to solve a puzzle. It has puzzles with five difficulty levels, which are Kindergarten, Elementary, High School, College, and Graduate. Click any of these levels to get a Sudoku puzzle.

You can solve the puzzle step by step, use the ‘Next‘ button at the bottom right of the Sudoku for that. The strategy behind each step shows in the Message Board. You can also move back to any previous step taken by this Sudoku solver.

Sudoku9x9: step by step sudoku solver

The step by step Sudoku solving process is easy to understand. It also highlights the cells in the Sudoku along with instructions to help you understand the step.

You can try Sudoku9x9, an online step by step Sudoku solver here. is an online Sudoku assistant which is designed to help users to solve Sudoku step by step. Here, you can solve a Sudoku step by step with hints. This Sudoku solver uses hidden set and naked set strategies to find lock a candidate entry. You can find all the candidates for a specific number. You can also color code the locked candidates for better understanding.

It uses Cross-hatch Scanning to find the naked and hidden singles. This strategy has 5 different settings which are achieved by tweaking the following options:

  • Range Checking (Locked Candidates)
  • Row/Cell/Block Subset Elimination
  • Grid Analysis (X-wings, XY-wings, etc.)
  • 3D Medusa Chain Analysis
  • Chain Options step by step sudoku solver

Apart from Sudoku solving, you can print puzzles and can change the view of the Sudoku grid. This website has a collection of challenges which you can take for practice.

Give this step by step Sudoku solver a try here.


Sudoku.IronMonger is a neat and simple step by step Sudoku solver. It has 27 different Sudoku solving strategies. You can use any or all  strategies while solving a puzzle. The Candidate values option is well organized here. You can select which candidate values you want to show in the puzzle; you can display all candidate values all together as well. It has a text box below the puzzle which shows you the details of every step.

Sudoku.IronMonger: step by step sudoku solver

When you click on a cell, it shows you a yellow box with all possible candidates and a blue box with the remaining possible values for that cell. Click to eliminate a value from each box. You can also color the cells for assistance.

Use the ‘Next‘ button to solve the puzzle step by step. You can solve the puzzle yourself and test it for a possible solution.

You can try this step by step Sudoku solver here.


SudokuHints is the simplest Sudoku solver in this list. Each day a new puzzle is added here. Choose a puzzle from the drop-down and choose difficulty level by selecting a difficulty tab.

SudokuHints has a text box right to the puzzle which lists every automated step for your assistance. You can enable the candidate values for empty cells by ticking the Possibilities checkbox. There are two buttons for the hint; ‘Hint‘ button tells you which box to look and ‘Big Hint‘ tells you which number to insert.

SudokuHints: step by step sudoku solver

With the Checking checkbox, you can see whether you are solving the puzzle correctly or not. SudokuHints can solve a puzzle step by step with instructions for your assistance. You can also solve a puzzle instantly here.

Easily solve Sudoku with this step by step Sudoku solver here.

Final Verdict:

All these step by step Sudoku solver websites are very good to learn how to solve Sudoku. Except Sudoku-Solutions, every other Sudoku solver assists you with step by step instructions. My personal favorite Sudoku solver is Sudoku.IronMonger. It has very neat and clean interface, covers all Sudoku strategies and have color-coding options for guidance.

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