5 Best Mood Tracker Apps for Android 2019

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In this blog post, you will read about 5 best mood tracker apps for Android 2019. Using these apps, you can track your mood that takes changes throughout the day. The apps work like a private journal where you can simply add an emotion based on today’s mood. And then, you can analyze your mood for the entire day. You can check weekly or monthly report to analyze how you have been doing.

All the apps which you’re going to read are different from each other. Some of them let you add the note, location as well. Besides emotions, you can add the activity. This becomes an easy way to record your mood and know your habits of the past few days. If you want to track your mood online, you may check out these websites to analyze your daily mood.

Let’s track your mood with these mood tracker apps.

1. Daylio

mood tracker Android app

Daylio is one of the good mood tracker apps for Android. It is a private journal that enables you to track your mood throughout the day.

Once you open the app, it prompts you to set the mood of today. It shows emoticons on the screen like good, meh, bad, awful, etc. You can tap on the icon and set your mood. The mood which you set can be edited later. You can switch to the previous month or day as well.

To add a new entry, you can tap the (+) sign and add your mood from good to bad. Then, the app shows activities like relax, reading, good meal, shopping, sports, etc. You can set the activity with a note. Also, you can edit the activities. Similarly, you can add more new entries within the app.

The app shows the stats of your mood. Here, you can see the monthly chart of your mood, achievements, mood count, activity count, average daily mood, longest best day streak and so on. The app views the yearly stats as well.

Even if you forget to add entries of your mood, the app lets you set the reminders. Besides that, you can store your entries in your Google Drive account.

2. Reflexio

mood tracker Android app

Reflexio is another mood tracker app for Android. The app plays a slightly different role as it offers a new question every day. It helps you to know yourself better.

After you open the app, it shows the timeline of questions. You have to answer one question per day. Then, you can set today’s mood like happy, good, neutral, bad, and awful. Also, if you feel like adding more thoughts, you can type manually below. You can write your thoughts with 1000 characters maximum.

On the next day, you need to answer another fun question and keep on setting the mood in the app. Besides that, the app shows the stats. To check them, you can tap on the menu and go to My Statistics. There, you can track your mood throughout the day, month or year.

3. eMoods Bipolar Mood Tracker

mood tracker Android app

eMoods Bipolar Mood Tracker is a free app to track your mood. This app is a perfect journal to show your mood’s graphs and report. Also, you can manage symptoms related to depression and other mood disorders.

When you launch the app, it shows a few questions on the screen. You can mention your last night sleep hours. Also, mention the depressed, elevated mood, irritability, anxiety and your psychotic symptoms. You can add medication as well. By answering these questions, you can track your daily mood with ease.

You can check the graph where you can analyze your mood and health. This can be a perfect way to track your mental health. The app can benefit those who are suffering from depression.

4. Jade

mood tracker Android app


Jade is one of the easiest mood tracker apps for Android users. To add the mood, you don’t need to open the app. You can simply add mood directly from the notifications just by tapping the emoticons based on your mood.

Or, when you open the app, you can add your entry by tapping on the (+) sign. You can add mood for today, yesterday or some another day. Once you choose the day, it shows the time. You can set the time so that you can set the mood from happy to sad. If it is required then you can add a note with your mood. Besides that, you can add the location. The app shows the stats of the month which you can go through to analyze your moods.

5. Moodflow

mood tracker Android app

Moodflow can also be used as a mood tracker app for Android. The app requires a simple set up after you download it. You can specify your name, birthdate, and other settings.

The app has an amazing visual appeal. You can tap on the emoticon and add your mood if you’re energized or calm. Once you add the emotion, the app shows an option to add a note. The app lets you add the location or activities and then you can save them. Adding a note helps you to remember exactly what happened on a specific day at which location. Thereafter, you can analyze all your activities and moods.

In brief

Mood tracker apps are quite beneficial to visualize your thoughts and moods. You can simply note down or add your mood in your private journal and keep on tracking monthly or yearly report. It helps you to understand your mood throughout the period of time. So try these apps and track your mood with ease.

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