5 Free Online Mood Tracker to Track your Daily Mood

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Here are 5 free online mood tracker to track your daily mood. You can use them to simply add your moods on daily basis and then keep track of them easily. All these mood tracker websites allow you to manually choose how you’re feeling today and then submit your mood. Once you do that, they will analyze your submission and based on that they will show you the report such that you can effortlessly track your moods. The reports can be a line graph, pie chart, histogram, color code, etc.

Similar to tracking habits and personal health record, tracking moods is also very helpful for those who are suffering from bipolar, depression, etc. Not only that, adding and tracking moods online can also come handy for those who just want to keep a diary with their daily moods on it.

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Now, let us get started with the online mood tracker and see what they have to offer.


MoodPanda is one of the best free online mood tracker which allows you to easily track your daily moods. You can simply open up this online mood tracker and add your moods on daily basis. To add your mood, all you gotta do is select a number between 0 to 10, where “0” indicates you’re very sad or at risk and “10” indicates you’re very happy. Apart from rating your mood, you can also type a description or reason about your mood before saving it. This way you can add your moods daily and track them with ease.

To help you track your moods, it shows a graphical representation of your moods. Apart from that, it will also display graphs for your best & worst day, hourly heatmap, etc. You can even track your moods based on Happy Times & Unhappy Times and also download the mood report as a CSV file. There are many other useful features offered by MoodPanda such as connect Fitbit to see details, follow other users and get followed, comment on people moods, send hugs, and more.

Mood Tracker (by MedHelp):

Mood Tracker (by MedHelp) is also one of the best online mood tracker which allows you to track moods seamlessly. When you open it up, you will be able to add your mood for the current day or previous days either as Manic, Excellent, Good, Okay, Bad, Horrible, or Depressed. In addition to that, you will also be able to add symptoms (if any), treatments (if any), and other events for your mood like Family Issues, Financial Issues, Health Issue, and so on. In the same manner, you can open this mood tracker daily and add your mood.

When you add the moods, you will be able to track them on a simple histogram graph. The graph shows the moods based on different mood levels and their unique color code. You can track the moods on the graph on a weekly basis, monthly basis, or 3 months basis. Apart from that, it will also show a graph for the symptoms, treatments, and other events if you have selected them while adding the moods.

Moodscope Lite:

Moodscope Lite can also be used to track your moods online. When you register to this website, it will allow you to take a test for determining your mood. In the test, it will display 20 cards with a different emotion on each card like nervous, strong, distressed, excited, and so on. For each emotion, it will associate 4 degrees (like a little, extremely, etc.) among which you can choose any degree depending on how you’re feeling that emotion. You select the proper degree, you can flip back the card and also spin head to toe. This way, you would need to go through all the 20 cards to complete the test.

Once you complete the test, it will provide you with a score in the range of 0 to 100, where “0” is very sad and “100” means very happy. This score will imply how sad or happy you are for the current day. It records all you daily mood scores and then displays them on a simple line graph for you to track them with ease. The graph even displays all-time, high, low, and average score, etc. Keep using it continuously to get detailed information on your moods.


MoodJam is another free mood tracker website which you can use to keep track of moods. After opening this online mood tracker, you will be able to add your moods with ease. You can simply choose your mood level from negative (-100) to positive (100). Then you can also add adjectives, color code, and notes to your mood before saving it. This is how you can add moods to your profile in MoodJam. You can either keep your moods private or make them public such that other users can also see them.

Unlike the above mentioned online mood trackers, it doesn’t actually show a graphical representation of your moods for you to track. That means you can only see your moods with adjectives and color code in your profile page. Similar to MoodPanda, this one also allows you to follow other users to see their moods and also get followed by them.

Wellness Tracker:

Wellness Tracker is another free mood tracker which can help you keep track of your moods online. You can simply browse the website and sign up for a new account. Once you do that, you can proceed to add your current day mood. For this, all you gotta do is choose your overall mood by dragging the mood slider. You can either choose your mood as Severe Manic, Strong Manic, Moderate Manic, Mild Manic, Neutral, Mild Depression, Moderate Depression, Strong Depression, or Severe Depression. In addition to that, you can also set your well-being index by answering other measurements like whether you felt cheerful, calm, relax, active, etc.

Now, all these will combine with your mood and show your overall emotional and mental health. You will now be able to simply open up this website whenever you want and track your habits on the “Well-Being” tab. It also allows you to download a report on your overall emotional health which is pretty cool, to be honest.

Closing Words:

So, if you have been looking for ways to track your mood online, then using any of these online mood tracker is probably the best choice for you. They make it very simple and easy for you to add your mood on daily basis and track them effortlessly. Try them out and do let me know what you think about them in the comments.

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