10 Free Email Service Providers to Sign up without Phone Number

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This post lists some best free secure email providers that do not ask for phone number for registration. These email service providers give you a lifetime free email address that you can use anywhere except in some cases. The registration process is very simple for all the services and some of them doesn’t even ask for alternate email for recovery! Many of these emails services offer different set of features that you will like such as SMTP access, aliases, encrypted storage, RSS feeds, and some others. Some of them show different choices for choosing the domain for the free email address too.

There are literally tons of email service providers almost in every country and some of them are really popular ones such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. But the problem with almost all the prominent ones is that at you have to verify your phone number in order to use them. But in case you are skeptical of handing out your phone number to those email services, you can always go for other alternatives and here I have listed 10 such servcies that you can use. In all of them, you can sign up for a free account in just a few seconds.

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10 Free Email Service Providers to Sign up without Phone Number



ProtonMail is quite popular secure and encrypted email servcie that respects user’s privacy. What’s even more exciting about this email service is that they let you sign up for a free email account without phone number verification. On the registration page, it only asks you to create a usernadme for your email address and specify a recovery email but that is also optional. You can start using it right after you sign up for both; sending and receiving personal/professional emails.

This email servcie got popularity among privacy-focused people when Mr Robot was on air. The emails that you send through ProtonMail are end-to-end encrypted and its data centers are located in Switzerland. ProtonMail’s data is stored outside USA jurisdiction and that is one of the reason many people use it. The free plan is kinda limited but more than enough for personal email. You get 500 MB storage with 150 daily emails sending limit. The email addresses by ProtonMail are not blacklisted anywhere. You can use them to sign up for third party servcies.



Just like ProtonMail above, Tutanota is a similar email service you can us. Here it is also privacy oriented and during the registration, you will not have to specify your phone number. However, the Tutanota email address doesn’t get activated instantly. They manually verify you in order to activate your account and it may take 24 hours or more. But after the email gets activated, you are free to use it in any way you want. The free plan of Tutanota offers 1 GB storage along with calendar.

Tutanota has a good reputation among secure email servcies and it may not be as popular as ProtonMail but it is quite reliable servcies and it is in production for quite some time now. Just register for a free account on its main homepage and then wait for the account verifcation so you can start sending emails. If you want some more advanced features from Tutanota such as aliases and multiple domains then you can have a look at its premium plan.



Disroot is another very secure email servcies that never asks for your phone number. Although it asks you to submit your alternate email for password resetting but that is optional too. However, the sign-up process of Disroot is kind of very strict to prevent spam. Also, the email will get activated manually by a human moderator within a day or two.

Once you have a verified mailbox you can use that for almost anything except for the activities that are prohibited in its ToS such bulk mailing and commercial use. The free plan offers you 1 GB space, 50 MB attachment limit, and allows IMAP/SMTP/POP access.

You can sign up for this easily on the registration page and then wait for the activation. You will receive the activation success email on the alternate email address that you provide. If you want to remove your alternate email address after that, then you can opt for that. It will never ask for your phone number for verification. Its webmail interface is very simple and supports themes, contacts, and multiple identities.



MsgSafe.io again is not very popular but quite old and reliable service that you can use to create free email address. It doesn’t ask for phone number; not at the time or registration or after the registration. The recovery email is optional and in the free plan, you get 10 identities. That means, you create up to 10 different email addresses from your account to receive and send emails. The mailbox gets activated instantly and you can start sending emails as usual. However, it puts retractions on how many emails you can send daily.

The email address that it gives you can be used anywhere and this is really secure servcies just like ProtonMail above. The storage limit in the free plan is 1 GB and that can be extended further if you choose a premium plan. But I believe it is perfect for personal use or for creating social media accounts. It has its own official Android and iOS apps so you can enjoy your MsgSafe.io account on your phone as well.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook live

It can be surprising for many people that Microsoft Outlook Live account doesn’t actually ask for a phone number during the sign-up process. You just choose a username, specify a password and that’s all required there to get a free Microsoft mailing account. You can have Outlook or Hotmail domain and later you can add recovery email as an means of password reseting.

I haven’t been asked for my phone number while using Outlook for a couple of years and it is just working fine. Your account will get activated instantly and you can start sending and receiving emails. However, if you abuse the free email address then they may lock your account. The best part is that with a new Outlook account, you get 5 GB OneDrive, Office Online, and chance to sign up for amazing Microsoft premium products such as Whiteboard.



Mailo is yet another free email service provider you can use to get a free email address without giving your mobile number. Here this service is just like the ones I have already mentioned above but it has some more features. Mailo offers multiple domains to choose from during sign up and offers 5 aliases. It also provides 500 MB virtual disk, ecards, photo album, IMAP and WebDAV access, notes, RSS feeds, and some more features.

You just sign up directly on the main website and there is no field for phone number. Just complete the CAPTCHA and get your mailbox ready in a few seconds. You can use your email address anywhere and take advanatge of the small cloud storage that it provides via virtual disk. The UI is simple and it even has its official mobile apps. If you don’t want to use those apps then you can use it directly in Outlook or Gmail via IMAP/POP access.



CryptText is basically an email service that saves all the data on your device. It doesn’t store anything online or on a server or any remote location. You just download its app, create a free email address, and then use it wherever you want. It doesn’t ask for mobile number but you have to specify an alternate email for account activation otherwise you will not be able to send out emails.

So you just go ahead and download the mobile or desktop app of Criptext and then simply create a free account. After that, you will reach the mailbox where you can send and receive emails. You will notice that it does not ask for your phone number for the registration.

However, you will have to keep one thing in mind that since it does not store any data on the server but on your device so you will have to make sure you have consistent internet connection. If you want to disable or log out your account then make sure you backup all the data.



ShazzleMail is just like Criptext above except it doesn’t ask you to activate your account first. It doesn’t have any webmail UI and you will have to use their mobile app to access all the features. It works in two modes as this service claims to be a privacy oriented. You can use ShazzleMail to do communication among ShazzleMail users or outside the network. It sets up all the things on your device and nothing is saved on servers.

It gives you a free email address that you can use anywhere. The mobile mail client has all the features that an email service provider must have. You can sign up for a free email address on the main website and then log into your account on your mobile device. It even comes with a desktop app and you can sync data between your device and PC with ease. The emails that you sent via it are very private and you can either send them to ShazzleMail recipient or non ShazzleMail recipeint.

Onion Mail

onion mail

You must have heard of onion sites, but few people know that onion emails are available as well. Onionmail.org lets you create a free mailbox on its webmail of 1 GB size. It has its own official Android app as well and the best part is that you don’t have to use TOR network to register the email. You can get the mailbox up and running in just a few seconds. You don’t have to give any personal information to get the email address, not even an alternate email. Just choose a username, set a password, and log in to access your mailbox.

Just like many other tools in the list, this one here is a privacy focused email service as well. Also, this claims to be anonymous as well and you can use this email address on deep web as well. The mailbox is very simple and in the additional settings, you can set up auto replies and create filters for incoming mails. In short, it is a good email service and a decent alternative to ProtonMail as well.

Forwarding Addresses

I know that forwarding servcies are not really actual email providers but they are a very good option to get a free email address and without giving out the phone number. There are plenty of servcies that you can try for this even we covered some that allows you to use your own domain name for forwarding address. There are free ones out there as well that will give you forever free email address and that will work on any website and you can even use that for replying to emails after a simple configuration. Some servcies that you can try are:

  • 33Mail: Gives you a free forever email hosted on one of its subdomain. You get a free 10 MB monthly quota for receiving emails and that is good enough for personal use. Or if you want a different email address for signing up on social media servcies then forwarding address is a good option than using temporary emails.
  • Spamgourmet: This one is really old and reliable site to get a forwarding email address. Here you can use it for free and all you have to do in order to use it is adapting a specific syntax for giving out your primary email. It will generate that email syntax for you automatically; you only have to use it.
  • Mail-Box.CZ: This is another simple and straightforward email forwarding service based out of Czech. Here you can generate a free forever forwarding email address and then use it anywhere you want. The best part about this is that you can change the target email address in it anytime. You just register for a simple account and of course without phone number.

These are some very nice websites that you can use to get a free forever forwarding address. You can also use them to cloak your original email address without having to manage a separate email storage account.

Closing thoughts:

After a very long research, I was able to dig in search engines and social media groups to find these email servcies. I found some others as well but chose to ignore them as they were not suitable for the blog as they use obscene domain names. I also chose to ignore the email servcies that allow you to create free email address from the same region but if you want then you can try them as well with VPNs or proxies. If you are looking for some email services that you can get a free email address, you will find this post helpful.

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