5 Free Desktop Christmas Tree Software

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Here is a list of 5 Free desktop Christmas tree software for your desktop that give you a feel of the upcoming Christmas. Christmas is just around the corner and we are all excited about it. Most of us are already in the process of making arrangements for it. We have come up with some interesting desktop Christmas tree software that you can use to decorate your PC. You can select different trees, activate the countdown, set transparency level and much more.

The free desktop Christmas tree software that we have reviewed here are  Free Desktop Christmas tree, Painted Christmas tree, Free Christmas Tree, Garland Christmas Show, and Pretty Christmas Tree.

Free Desktop Christmas Tree:

Free Desktop Christmas Tree- Desktop Christmas Tree-icon

Free Desktop Christmas Tree is a very lightweight desktop Christmas tree software that comes with some excellent animations. The tree plays beautiful lights and music in the background that gives an amazing feel. There are 12 different kinds of jingles that come with the software. You can choose to play any of them at any time. The lights can also be customized by you. You can select the lighting effects and delay its timing if you want. The software is very user friendly and you can place it anywhere on your desktop. Just drag and drop it at the place where you want to place it. You can also pass it on to your friends as it a completely portable software and works on all versions of Windows starting from Windows 98.

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You can download this software from here.

Painted Christmas Tree:

Painted Christmas tree

Painted Christmas Tree is another lightweight desktop Christmas tree software that comes with a beautiful Christmas tree for your desktop. The software allows you to place the tree anywhere on the screen you want and also start it automatically with Windows. You can either choose in favor or against this option. The software also allows you to place the software on top of every window you work on.

Among the most important feature of this software are the options to set the transparency level and deactivate the garlands and lights. The software allows you to set the transparency level of your tree from the given options. Secondly, the tree contains lots of garlands and lights that makes it look attractive. You can choose to deactivate them if you want a sober Christmas tree for your desktop. They can be activated again if you want.

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Download this Christmas Tree software from here.

Free Christmas Tree:

Free Christmas Tree- Desktop Christmas Tree- icon

The next free desktop Christmas tree software in our list is Free Christmas tree. In terms of options and features you get to do a lot in this software. The software provides you around 20 skins (different types of trees) to choose from. Some of them look really beautiful. Along with it the software also shows a live countdown. The number of days and hours left for Christmas are shown below the tree. You can choose to hide the countdown if you want. One more important feature is that background music also plays in the background of the software. The music plays every hour or every half hour. You can select this on your own and also the music you want to play.

Try Free Christmas Tree here.

Garland Christmas Show:

Garland Christmas Show- Desktop Christmas Tree-icon

Fourth Desktop Christmas Tree software in the list is Garland Christmas Show. A lightweight software, it comes with a very beautiful tree with animations and lights. These animations are optional and you can choose to turn them off if you want to. You can also choose to remove the garlands and stars from the tree and keep a very simple Christmas tree on your desktop. Other options available in the right click context menu of the software are to start the software with Windows and to set the transparency level. A simple Christmas tree with a little transparency level looks really pretty. Lastly, you are also reminded about the number of days left for Christmas every time you place the cursor on the tree.

Try Garland Christmas Show here.

Pretty Christmas Tree:

Pretty Christmas Tree

The name of the software correctly suggests its nature. Pretty Christmas Tree contains a very attractive and elegant Desktop Christmas tree with beautiful garlands and animation. The stars sparkling around the tree make for a very good spectacle. Like in some other Desktop Christmas tree software you can opt for turning off the garlands and stars anytime you want. You have to right click on the tree to access these options. The software is also very small in size. Its size is just 350Kb so it hardly occupies any space on your system.

Try Pretty Christmas Tree here.

All the above mentioned desktop Christmas tree software provide you with some really fantastic looking Christmas Trees for your system. With Christmas around, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance to decorate your desktop with Santa colors.

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